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Boda Boda Beats Bunga Bunga All Day Long

Bobby Baby (BB), an old friend of mine whose nickname was bestowed by my cousin I believe, is a forty-something father of two who grew up a few blocks from me (on the same street where I live today) and he may be the smartest person I know, or at the very least, the person to whom I am currently most thankful to have in my life, save for immediate family and Theo Walcott.


A couple weeks back a neighborhood farmers market was raffling off a Yuba Boda Boda (donated by Calhoun Cycle), a crazy cool cargo bike/taxi of African origin, and Wendy, wanting to support a good cause and recalling that I’d recently been talking about the bike of dubious provenance I’d had since college and thinking it may be time for a new one, bought three tickets, one for each of our kids.

You should know that Wendy and I are not “winners”, that is, we don’t “win” stuff. Actually, I won a super-schlocky sculpture thingy playing charity bingo with Ms. Richfield in a church basement 10 years ago, but if you had seen the item you’d agree it wasn’t a “win” of distinction in any positive sense and I’ve largely forgotten about the whole matter. Beyond that, nothing.

But back to the market. BB had, at another raffle-type event some time ago, suggested to Wendy that after filling out the pertinent information, she crumple up the raffle tickets before depositing them into the jar with all the other entries. Now I’ve always thought advice is kind of a funny thing and reminds me of snowflakes; people say they look forward to it, but when certain advice is actually received it can be a little cold, and at times, unwelcome. BB doesn’t offer unwelcome advice. Wendy crumpled the 3rd ticket and only the 3rd ticket, (it remains unclear why only the singular crumple), Bea’s, and guess which ticket was pulled.

I wasn’t at the market when Wendy bought the tickets and had no idea about the whole raffle itself, so you can imagine my surprise when a couple weeks later I received a text and photo from my buddy Sugar saying, “Um, dude, I think your [quite young] daughter just won a really cool bike”. That bike has seen heavy use ever since. You can’t get me off it.

Thank you Bea, thank you BB, thank you Boda Boda. The pen is mighty, yes, but sometimes an extra crumple helps, too.