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Healthy Hearts & Wedding Bells

The US Postal Service has jumped on the “healthy lifestyle” bandwagon with its latest Heart Health stamp, an effort to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy heart. Painted by artist and passionate runner, Nicholas Wilton, the stamp’s runner and elements surrounding him symbolize “vitality that comes from physical exercise, while a large red apple at the figure’s feet represent a well-balanced diet” states the Postal Service.

Although the Postal Service has promoted many health-related causes in the past, they’re now joining NBC’s The Biggest Loser to encourage viewers to mail letters of support to their favorite contestant while using the Heart Health stamp. What a fantastic idea to not only promote the purchase of stamps but also encourage snail mail rather than texting. So rare on reality television shows these days. You can watch this message to learn a bit more of you’re interested. Hey, anything to get people to write letters and support the Postal Service!

Speaking of the USPS, in last Sunday’s NY Times there was a great article on Wedding Stamps.

The Postal Service heavily relies on revenue from the many folks planning on marrying this year but the question still stands, will the engaged couple lean toward the traditional path and mail invitations rather than emailing attendees? The 2011 American Wedding Study found one in five couples are connecting with guests through email or evites which some believe are less expensive and environmentally pleasing.

When we were married in 2001 I don’t recall evites as even an option and emailing our attendees never entered our minds. Even if a wedding invitation is not printed on some fancy paper written in calligraphy, I feel the experience of receiving and opening an invitation to a wedding celebration can never be replaced with the digital age. And thankfully the Postal Service is keeping the Brides-To-Be pleased with some new and eye catching wedding stamps each year.