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Staying True to the Pen

There are those who write letters and there are the others…this is for the others.

A spanking new company, Fountain Greetings, is all about the importance of a handwritten letter. So much so, they are willing to write one for you. All you need to select is the card and the words, the rest is taken care of. While using premium fountain pens, their staff of writers capture your words on the highest quality cotton and card stock from Terrapin Stationers. The elegant, cherry-on-top bonus is the wax stamp which seals the envelope. Brilliant!

The cards take 1-4 days to reach the recipient, coming from New York City. That means for many of you, just in time for Friday’s holiday. The I Love You and Hearts cards are just beautiful, especially being 50% off. So if you’re shy to share your handwriting but the words are bursting out of your heart wanting to be expressed, you no longer have an excuse. Go for it Romeo.

Just another fabulous company staying true to the pen. Cheers to you Fountain Greetings!