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Moving from Halloween mode to pre-Thanksgiving mode often brings a much needed deep breath. Yes, we have the holiday madness in the not-too-distant future, but once the Thanksgiving season arrives I am wonderfully reminded of all there is to be thankful for and find myself looking for opportunities to give back. Which is why it was lovely to learn about a recent collaboration between More Love Letters and This Bar Saves Lives, making a difference in multiple directions. To back up, I’ve mentioned the More Love Letters organization here and there over the years for their unique act of reaching out to individuals with a bevy of love letters during a time of need. The results are heartwarming and change lives.


Recently, More Love Letters has teamed up with This Bar Saves Lives to bring even more goodness through letters. For every love letter you write to one of the More Love Letters nominated receivers by November 15th, This Bar Saves Lives will donate a packet of lifesaving food to a child in need. This month the recipients are individuals working daily to fight global hunger, who need words of support and praise while continuing their efforts. By putting pen to paper you will not only bring inspiration to these dedicated people but also save lives.


Remember, you can also nominate someone in your own life who needs a boost. As the folks behind More Love Letters say, the world needs more love letters. Hard not to agree.