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Get Out a Pen

No wonder I had a sudden urge this morning to grab a pen and some stationery, and write out a half-dozen cards to friends and family for various reasons…it’s National Handwriting Day!


So why not do the same and write a note to a someone you’ve been meaning to reach out to and say: I Miss You or Happy Belated Birthday or Thanks for Taking Taking My Kids When I Needed A Break or Congrats On Your Recent Cleanse or Did You Know You Have the Bluest Eyes In Our ‘Hood? The list goes on. And if you still need to find some reasons to write vs. type for a change, I found a perfect list to sum it up from The Week (make sure to read the scoop from Chris Gayomail!):

1. It’s better for learning  2. It makes you a better writer  3. It will prevent you from being distracted    4. It keeps your brain sharp as you get older

And if I may add a #5, there can be nothing more heartwarming than to receive an unexpected written correspondence. I find a certain peace and a bit more harmony on the mornings I write. Why not you? It’s that simple people. No more excuses. Letter writing, journal writing, just write.