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Shortcut for the Cool Kids

First off, happy 2013 to you all. There seemed to be a slip in the system and subscribers did not receive the past two blog entries. Bugger. If you didn’t catch it, make sure to check out A Year to Remember and Cocoa Bellyache when you have a minute. Speaking of time…

Of course there is never enough time to write letters these days. Or at least it’s the most widely used excuse. Here’s one shortcut surmised by the highly influential fashion writer, author, and Editor at Haper’s Bazaar Derek Blasberg. He’s teamed up with Opening Ceremony to create a stationery line with a bit of a Mad Lib twist.

The stationery line is a simple template for anniversaries, new babies, thank you’s and love notes where the writer fills-in-the-blanks and circles multiple choice options making it quick and easy to send out a letter.

I also loved reading a recent interview with Derek on The Vivant where he shares his take on the importance of letter writing and thank you notes. One of my favorite Q&A questions:

Do you have any do’s or dont’s in terms of writing a letter? Is there anything totally taboo or off-limits?

I think there was a day and age when you had to address someone in the correct way, or you had to sign off in the correct way, but nowadays I think the only to-do is just to do it. Even if it’s on crappy hotel stationery or a napkin (please buy my stationery), people really remember and love to get them. I really like the idea that the handwritten letter is so singular and unique, unlike an e-mail that you can forward. It’s real and it’s private and it’s typically between two people.

Check out the full article for more insight to this hipsters influential thoughts.

To be honest, the line is a bit too-cool-for-school for my taste. I’d prefer an entire letter written by hand (sorry Derek) but, hey, if it excites the texting/twitter generation to pick up a pen, we’re game.