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An Instagram Summer

Tomorrow morning, in the midst of the chaos of a dozen 4 year-olds running around our backyard celebrating Oliver’s birthday (hurray for jumpy castles!), I hope to take a moment to breathe in the Fall Equinox, around 9:45 central time to be exact. It’s my favorite time of year, hands down.

This summer raced by with a pregnancy smack dab in the middle of it all. And somewhere along the line I found myself addicted to Instagram. I started using the app solely for brown ink but soon used this magical photo styling device for Brown Family moments.

So as I take in this new season, let’s look back, shall we, on the Summer of 2012’s written mementos.

Art on Eat Street

Love this concept at the new clothing store in Uptown, Motto

Brown Boys selling their hearts out at South Beach

Local & fresh at Kingfield Market

There she goes, our Ms. Beatrice

My daily breakfast in Manzanita, OR

Nothin’ like a handwritten card sent via instagram when your brain is mush due to new babe

If we had one of these in Mpls, this where you would find me

Another top notch market, this one on the Oregon coast

 Homemade goodness from our dear friend Amy

 Love the Moleskin tear sheet wallpaper at The Bachelor Farmer

A day to remember (nice letterpress, Jeani!)

Backyard madness pre-wedding

The Lowenthal-Walsh kids win for Best Original Wedding Gift Wrapping Paper

a few scribbles before Nicky took to the stage for wedding toast (although he never needs notes)

Back to Kingfield we go for some mouthwatering tomatoes

October wedding in Palm Springs, good times to come in the coming month. xo

I Heart TBF

Last month Nick and I stopped in at the new hot-spot  The Bachelor Farmer in downtown Minneapolis. To be honest, it was word of the Marvel Bar that first moved me in that direction.  The mixologist has made a name for himself and the drinks do not disappoint. The sidecar was dynamite!

Aside from our memorable meal, what placed a whopper smile on my face was the red Moleskin journal we were handed towards the end of our meal. No surprise that I gasped. Just as personal as if we had been staying overnight at a B&B, this journal provided us the opportunity to express all of our feelings right there and then as well as glance at past guests reviews as well.  As Andrew Dayton shared with me “the basic idea behind the journals is to get feedback from our guests as to what we are doing right and what we can be doing better.” He goes on to say “people have also used the journals as a space to doodle or write something funny or clever, which is entertaining not only for us but also for future guests who happen to flip through the books as they finish their meals. Accordingly, we leave every comment in the journals (good, bad or wacky) for all to see.” Way to go Andrew for your bravery and capitalizing an experience through writing on the spot!

Our personal comments left in the little red book will not only be read by others but a member of the TBF team reads through each new comment before the next evening’s meal and, if needed, will inform the rest of the staff of this feedback. Handwritten words that make a difference. Now that’s a concept.

In a subtle way, it reminds me of the suggestion cards pinned up at the local co-ops (yes, I am one of those who loves other peoples wishes, complaints or praises). Here is a forum via handwriting where anyone can express their feelings, stamping it with the pressure of the pen or their strong penmanship or, in our case at The Bachelor Farmer, the spill of red wine.