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Another One to Cross Off

Here’s a bit of an addition to my post from Monday. I just couldn’t help myself.

 If you are hosting Thanksgiving your checklist is likely a mile long and the last thing you need is another to-do, still, your guests will love these ideas. Easy to print off, they’re sure to make the holiday unique.

OSBP Meant to Be Calligraphy Thanksgiving Printable 62 Thanksgiving Calligraphy Printable

Oh So Beautiful Paper gathers brilliant ideas for all holidays, like this calligraphy Thankful Card

thanksgiving 2010 paper napkin rings

Simple yet elegant napkin rings from heart of light

Thanksgiving Printable Leftover Bags Caravan Shoppe for OSBP Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers Take Home Bags + Labels

Come time to say goodbye, hand your guests leftovers in these fabulous bags, printable as well

OSBP Thanksgiving Leftovers Labels 34 Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers Take Home Bags + Labels

Or personalize them with these easy printables


Be kind to yourself and give thanks for those surrounding you.

Naming Thankful Moments

Traditions bring a calmness and renewed spirit to my life. A few years ago I started a new tradition over Thanksgiving by asking our guests to write down something they were thankful for over the past year. The following year I placed their original thoughts underneath their dinner plate as well as a new card to fill out. It was a total hit.


It was a time of personal reflection during what can be a chaotic and energetic tradition, the Thanksgiving meal. This year, if they wish, our guests will once again fill out a new card (found these Thankful Cards at Paper Source this year), document their gratitude from the past year, and be reminded of how life may have changed over the past year by reading their 2012 Thanksgiving Thankful Card. It’s a gesture guests will appreciate.

Name cards are another way to bring a personal touch to your table and it doesn’t need to be complicated. To accent your place card, grab a dozen pears or clementines or head outside to find natural goodness around you!

Fragrant Herb Bouquet

thanksgiving place cards 2

Kumquat Kabob

Thanksgiving Place Cards 1

Brown Ink Paper Goods also sells perfect place cards for your Thanksgiving feast setting (Still plenty of time, shipping is on us for these pretty things!)

So before you head off to pick up the turkey and puree the pumpkin, take a look at my favorite pics from Design Sponge’s Thanksgiving Table series where they’ve showcased beautiful settings created by fellow designers over the past few years. Inspirational to say the least!

Eddie Ross gets creative by using walnuts for place cards



Brilliant use of piano music by House of Brinson



Stamped place setting cards created by children (designers Rinne Allen & Lucy Allen Gillis)


Known for his nature-filled aesthetic, John Derian believes place cards create an even flow on the table. Here he uses his own name cards to create his charming Thanksgiving table.

Austin-based Spartan keeps the fuss out with this pared down yet warm setting

Designer Matt Armendariz uses wrapping paper tied to gourds with blue string.


My favorite store in Portland, OR, Alder & Co. keeps the table minimal yet stylish. I love the salut! name cards with the simple gold bell attached.

Keep it simple for Thanksgiving, maybe create a new tradition and reflect just a bit before enjoying that second or third piece of pie.

Thankful for a Backwards D

Last night I sat the boys down to create their first table setting cards for Thanksgiving. Emmett concentrated on writing all twelve names, crossing off guests as he went through the list, while Oliver stamped images of a turkey, acorns, a pumpkin, and wheat on the cards plus adding a glop of superglue for the leaves. In the end, the cards looked smashing and the boys honestly loved creating the pieces.

My favorite part was seeing the unique handwritten names. Most names began curving downward after the fourth letter and some names, such as the d in David looking more like a b, were backwards.  These words symbolize our son’s growth over the past year, the passing of time which comes to mind in each holiday. I only hope he continues to enjoy writing in the future as much as he does at this moment in this life.

Here’s to hoping your Thanksgiving is filled with all those reminders of how blessed we are to be living in a country where our children have the opportunity to embrace the written word. We also hope your stomachs are filled with as much pie as possible…and potentially enjoy a slow walk around the neighborhood to let the gifts of the day digest.


P.S. This Saturday Minneapolis based Lunalux will be hosting their monthly Stationery Saturday event…an especially unique card this time around. Here’s your chance to watch your personalized letterpress stationery be created on an original Heidelberg Windmill letterpress printer. A perfect holiday gift!