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XOXOXO Take #1

Valentine’s Day is top dog, head honcho when it comes to writing and sharing cards. For me, the true essence of the day is for one to express their love in any form of writing…create a hand-made, eye-popping elaborate, magazine-size card, buy a shiny, single love note at the corner store, or simply cut a solo heart out of red construction paper. You really can’t go wrong however you acknowledge your loved ones. And although it’s about the written words of love, why stop there when the options are endless for Valentine’s Day correspondence!


My favorite design I’ve seen this season is from Georgia-based Brown Parcel Press. Inspired by the sweet Valentine’s handed out as a grade schooler, the founder, Megan, created this unique Pillow Talk Valentine’s Card Set so one can easily tie a chocolate, caramel or flower on top of the gorgeous letterpress card. So clever yet so traditional.


Imogen + Willie are all about the sense of touch with this one from People I’ve Loved.


Quill & Fox puts the romance right back into the 14th with this Made For Each Other card.


Assortments are perfect to touch everyone in your life – Leave it to Rifle Paper Co.


And don’t forget to check out Brown Ink’s line up of XOXO goods!

Thousands of DIY Valentine projects are floating on the internet but only a few are pulling my heart strings this season…


We all know Martha makes everything look simple, however, this accordion Love Note is completely doable thanks to a few templates, colorful paper and supplies you can find at home!


These Paper Airplane Valentines from No Biggie are perfect for getting kids involved.


Print off one of these cleverly sweet Conversation Heart Envelopes from this heart of mine and fill with all the sweet things your sidekick adores!


Or create something literally sweet with these Flavored Sugar Valentines…complete with recipes and classic, printable tags from talented Amy Christie via Design Mom.


Finally, it’s time to treat yourself to a surprise each month with an Olive Box full of hand-picked paper & lifestyle products starting with this Valentine’s Day themed card box! Perfect timing.

More Valentine’s ideas later this weekend! There is never enough love to share with others!! xoxo

A Holiday in My World

Did you know today is a holiday? Honestly. Well, in my mind today’s National Handwriting Day should be an official, full-fledged, no school, and no screens kind of a holiday where everyone sits down at a pub, bus stop, or front steps and writes. I’m well aware my dreams are big. However, in honoring this day I’m revealing the expansion of my own letterpress line, Brown Ink Paper Goods!

mountains-2-1600x1600-3 copy

My love of letterpress stationery, while incorporating vintage printing blocks, has not slowed a bit since the launch of the store. Thanks to my dear friend Jean Glenn, from Pomegranate Press, we’ve come up with a beautiful line of cards for everyone for any occasion.

bolts-star-cross-3 copy

Many styles of the collection were revealed at NorthernGrade in November and were met with authentic excitement! I will be introducing more styles as the year unfolds so keep a look out.

CU-dog-1600x1600-2 copy
dipped-love-4 copy

Our new Valentine’s card from the With Love collection is hot off the press. Jean and I decided to give another level of personal touch to each card by dipping these beautiful cotton pieces into Cherry Kool-Aid. This Dipped Love is my new favorite by far!

jockey-1-1600x1600-3 copy

Here’s to keeping handwriting alive in anyway I can. Enjoy the holiday weekend fellow writers!

The Short List No.1

By now the multitude of suggested Holiday Gift Lists seen in your Inbox numbers in the thousands, and we’d rather not be more junk email. That being the case, we’re keeping it simple with a few short lists of unexpected gifts for the true handwriting enthusiast with the hope to add an extra “HO” rather than “HUM(bug)” into your week.


For that Type A sister of yours who handwrites cards for any occasion, we’re guessing she’ll flip over this newly released Card Organizer from Nicely Noted.  For a bonus, include the Over Stocked option with a bundle of letterpress cards, stamps and a six-month gift subscription of the Nicely Noted monthly care package of cards!


For the “green” family member, grab a packet of these miniature graphite pencils made from eco-friendly recycled paper for a stucking stuffer from terrain (one of my favorite sites). Done and done.


Created by a well trained and unique bookbinder, Paul Vogel, these gorgeous desk accessories require around 40 steps to produce and often include 24-karat gold detailing and hand-tooled rosettes. The stationery case and card case will run you a pretty penny but were created by staying true to the traditional bookbinding trade. Can be found at Vogel Bindery.


And if that’s a bit on the fancy side, the Woodsman Journal filled with blank, kraft paper and letterpress covered, will work nicely when in need of jotting down a recipe or random thought the old fashioned way (thanks to Sesame Letterpress via Provisions by FOOD52, another fav of mine).

Product-Greetingcard3Being an Instagram user and fan, I love the idea of creating greeting cards with your own personal images for a family member who appreciates your eye. Not only is the process simple, the cards and envelopes from Prinstagram are top quality as well.


I’ve been dreaming of Croatia as a destination trip for awhile now. But for the time being, my fellow travelers and I can enjoy these gorgeous, Croatian made paper goods and writing kit from Rad and Hungry, my favorite international office supplies store (free holiday gift wrap ’til Dec. 17).


For the highly fashionable friend, gift her these hand-drawn Clare V. (St.Paul native, leather bag goddess) postcard notepads from Paper Chase. Crazy for the double thick, eggshell paper with red colored edges. Make it special with personalizing the postcards!


One of my favorite new finds, this All-Brass Pen Case from Kaufmann Merchantile is handsomely simple. With its sophisticated design, the Japanese stationer who creates the case has been producing quality office tools since 1950. Fill it with a Kaweco pen or Delfonics pencil from Brown Ink to make the gift complete.

Happy shopping…and we’ll be back with another short list soon!

Christmas Pajamas

Last Friday I was awoken by my six year-old, Oliver, announcing there was something I must see outside on the lawn. Thankfully, what he thought was snow was actually a nice, white layer of frost which melted away by the time breakfast had been consumed. However, this incident, combined with ordering my children’s matching Christmas pajamas later that day, (which Nick is a bit over with at this point!), the impending arrival of Winter has begun to sink in. Thankfully, we have a few more Autumn holidays to celebrate before we start decking the halls!


All Holiday paper goods are now in the store – Perfect time to stock up on tags, cards and more!


Stay tuned for Holiday Pop-Up Shops in the Twin Cities next month. Such a goodness around town!



End to Summer

As Back-to-School sales are finally behind us and we find ourselves digging up the last veggies from the garden and pulling out sweaters hidden in the closet, there’s one item which needs a bit of attention before the Fall Equinox arrives next Tuesday…the end of Summer Thank You note. Pardon? You’ve never heard of such a thing? Oh, it’s real alright. And awaiting your attention.

Cut back to Labor Day weekend, I found myself thinking of all the people who influence our lives in the Summer months…the family friend who provided a connection to a unique internship, the neighbor who hired your son to mow her lawn, the CSA farmer who delivered your weekly box of goodness, the grandparent or nanny who took great care of your children with loving care. These individuals need to be reminded of one’s gratitude for their actions.

About this time I happened to run into my friend Donna Erickson and she was curious how I go about inspiring my kids to express thanks to their grandparents for the all the sleepovers, park dates, ice cream making, and other adventures which unfold over the Summer months.




We soon started sharing ideas which lead to her lovely article in Sunday’s Pioneer Press (see entire article on her FB page) with tips for both Pre-School and grade school children on what and how to write, using images, stamps, photographs…the options are endless. Make it simple with a Thank You stamp pad for the younger kids or find pictures in a magazine which represent Summer memories.

Many-Thanks-Stamp-Set_01_massiveIn the end, whatever you write or create will be appreciated, especially when the recipient may not be expecting such a note in the mailbox. Be it adults or children, keeping the Thank You note alive has value. It’s the time, the action and the thought which go into, as Donna mentioned, two small and simple words; thank you.