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Mum’s the Word

Mother’s Day is just over a week away. And there are plenty of resources out there to make a mother, grandmother, sister, or anyone who represents a mother figure in your life, smile. Always good to start with a greeting.

Emmett noticed this card from Man vs. George as he was looking over my shoulder and thought his Nonni (whose partner is from Oz) would love this kangaroo image. Always nice to find a unique greeting for the individual.



 A library and book themed card is particularly perfect for Grandma Sally who is a lover of the library. This uses an authentic removable library card – it’s even tucked into a book card pocket.


Since dahlias are my favorite flower, (aside from gardenias, or course), I’m hoping my boys might point their dad in this direction.


Although this one symbolizes my life even more these days, sad but true!!

For all of you Twin Citians, there are a few events with Mother’s Day themes going on…

Lunalux’s monthly Stationery Saturday theme has Moms in mind by providing card options with orange flowers, red apples, and teal medallions printed with letterpress on cotton monarch flats.  Tomorrow (Saturday May 5) between 11-6 you can personalize stationery the old fashioned way and present a gift to your mother which you actually had a part in making. You could even call it homemade. Or get your husband down to Lunalux and have him do it. (See Nick in action below. An extra workout for the day.)


If you’d rather be creating a journal check out the gift making studio at eeCee bb. If you check back to a previous post of mine, making journals is quite the collaboration.

 eeCee bb 

Mother’s DAY
Gift Making Studios for parent and child
on offer now for your favorite sweet mama.
Make a unique artful present with
eeCee bb Collaborative Design
…with your child for YOUR mom,
or your child for his or her mom.
(that last bit is your cue dads…)

Since this is all top secret 
phone or email eeCee bb for more information
and to arrange a time for your special studio.
See you soon for lots of goodness and fun for MOM…

Of course, leave it to Martha to push the Make-Your-Own journal for Mother’s Day.

For those of you with less time on your hands…

The Just Between Us journal from Paper Source was created from a mother-and-daughter team who had been journaling together since Sophie was 9 years-old. Especially with life as busy as it can be, I believe journaling together is ideal for keeping a relationship as honest and sacred as possible.

 Last year for Mother’s Day I gave my mom this journal from Paper Source.

Although this was a gift to her, in many ways it’s a gift for myself and my kids. The interview-styled book asks questions like, “Who are the people you admire the most? What do you remember about the birth of your children? What music did you grow up listening to?”.  All those questions you wish you had asked your mom over the years, and even if you did, this journal documents the wonderful details of her life and can be shared for years to come.

That’s what it’s all about. Giving life to the parts of our lives which we value the most and honoring those with us today or with us in spirit.

Mail from the Mississippi

A few days ago my friend Jenny mentioned a story on NBC’s Nightly News which I had to share with you all. Lois Hayes, the retired second school teacher who lives in Mississippi, never forgets a student’s birthday. After 40 years of teaching, and even after retirement, she is still sending out birthday cards, over 400 a year.  “I’ve always wanted to make them know they’re special,” is the reason why she writes.  A lady making a difference, through the US Mail no doubt. See the whole story here.

Also wanted to mentioned a gathering which I’ve brought up in the past. If you are in the Twin Cities don’t miss out on tomorrow’s Stationery Saturday at the downtown Minneapolis Lunalux.

This month you’ll have the chance to create folded notecards, using a stunning set of 36-point lead letters rarely seen. And if you’re feeling adventurous, Lunalux encourages their customers to operate the hand-cranked proof press on their own. No need to head to the gym. These cards are perfect gifts or for yourself. I love the idea of placing a photo on the inside left page while writing affections on the right. I will see you there tomorrow afternoon and if you can’t make it try again on April 7th or May 5th. Happy writing.

Thankful for a Backwards D

Last night I sat the boys down to create their first table setting cards for Thanksgiving. Emmett concentrated on writing all twelve names, crossing off guests as he went through the list, while Oliver stamped images of a turkey, acorns, a pumpkin, and wheat on the cards plus adding a glop of superglue for the leaves. In the end, the cards looked smashing and the boys honestly loved creating the pieces.

My favorite part was seeing the unique handwritten names. Most names began curving downward after the fourth letter and some names, such as the d in David looking more like a b, were backwards.  These words symbolize our son’s growth over the past year, the passing of time which comes to mind in each holiday. I only hope he continues to enjoy writing in the future as much as he does at this moment in this life.

Here’s to hoping your Thanksgiving is filled with all those reminders of how blessed we are to be living in a country where our children have the opportunity to embrace the written word. We also hope your stomachs are filled with as much pie as possible…and potentially enjoy a slow walk around the neighborhood to let the gifts of the day digest.


P.S. This Saturday Minneapolis based Lunalux will be hosting their monthly Stationery Saturday event…an especially unique card this time around. Here’s your chance to watch your personalized letterpress stationery be created on an original Heidelberg Windmill letterpress printer. A perfect holiday gift!