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another snail

Yes it’s true. I just recently blogged about a service which turns your email into a letter. But if you did not jump at the chance then, no excuses now…this one is FREE.

To give you a little background, Ivan Cash had quit his day job in advertising to find simplicity in his life and found it through writing letters. No joke. He created Snail Mail My Email with the dream of sending a handwritten letter to as many people as possible while creating excitement about the letter writing process. What a guy. One month later 234 volunteers collectively sent 10, 457 letters around the globe. How fantastic.

Ivan is at it again, this time it runs for one week only ending on Sunday. The bonus is you can request one custom option to be included in your letter such as a doodle, coffee stain, lipstick kiss or anything else you can think of.

And it’s just as simple as sending out an email and they do the rest. Hello? Don’t miss this chance to send a letter to that someone you’ve been meaning to connect with. They will definitely read it twice.