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Maker’s Mark

Over the years my support for small businesses has grown, thru everything from vendors at local Farmer’s Markets to small boutiques for gifts or personal purchases. Of course today you never need to leave your home to find some of the most lovely, American-made items.

At some point a few years ago, after a couple of orders through the internet, I began noticing a personal touch which often arrived with each item…a lovely written note. The first one came from a fragrance company – a simple, handwritten card expressing their appreciation of the purchase. But it continued with other small businesses, be it a potter, jeweler, or artist who creates hand-made thickets. If I wasn’t conversing face-to-face with the “maker” behind the counter, then why not thoughtfully connect through writing?


These days I’m thrilled to receive a message delivered in any form or fashion. Some notes arrive written on beautiful notecards with their logo letterpressed into the stationery while another may hand stitch their companies logo on a card (seen above with Imogene + Willie above). Others simply use the back of a postcard or business card to write. Either way, these notes are far from generic. They often mention the product I purchased, a suggestion on how I may use the item, and address the card with my name.


For all these reasons and more, it’s no surprise I was delighted to open up my own business and have the opportunity to express my gratitude to the customer in writing. It’s my favorite moment when sending a package off to an unknown address. I sometimes share a little history of the products maker or mention how I’ve used the specific paper good. Hopefully the note leaves the impression I feel when receiving such a correspondence. Thankful.