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Location is Everything

Handwritten letters and cards have been close to my heart ever since I can remember. This also means I’ve saved most of them. How can one toss a letter received at Summer camp from their grandmother or a sweet note from your best friend in grade school?  The writing takes you back to a time in your life or a relationship which may or may not still exist. Each time I walk up to my attic I notice the shoe boxes of correspondences, waiting to be read again. And every once in a while, I’ll pause to reread one of these letters, little pieces of goodness really, documenting a time in my life.

Yes, there are occasions when a Holiday greeting card or a 30-something Birthday note has seen its day, but these days I often keep the handwritten treasures close at hand. It seems as though handwriting and cards have taken over my office space and I have found more opportunities to keep these correspondences on display throughout my living and working day.

photo 1

It wasn’t planned but as soon we moved into our home five years ago, my bulletin board became the mecca for some of my favorite written notes. It felt so right. These friends and family had slowed down, selected a card, taken a pen to paper, formed the words, and stayed in the moment a bit longer than an email or text. This space in our office began to feel like a community art project, a creation from each individual, their personal stamp on our wall. And I found myself rereading multiple letters and notes more often during the day.


I soon realized I needed another system to hold these little pieces of art, easily accessible in a our busy lives. The perfect solution was found on Etsy, with a vintage sliced bread holder. I often place notes in the bread slots, cards which I want to reread, inspiring words to return to, letters to respond to, and constant reminders of good friends. When noticing this variety of cards on my desk each day, I feel thankful for people who still believe in corresponding with letters and the connection to each other in a way that transcends time.

When I see these kinds of notes, splattered throughout my day (including my bathroom cabinet, the kids’ bulletin boards, in my wallet, framed in our living room) I think of these relationships which fuel my fire and strengthen my belief in the power of writing. Keeping these notes out is good for us all.