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A Few of Our Favorite Things – Part I

No snow? We’re still in the holiday spirit over here at brown ink headquarters. And with Hanukkah beginning this Saturday and Christmas three weeks away it’s time to send out the elves. We’ve found a few goodies to make even the most uber-electronic fanatic consider some items from the old-school.

First off, let’s start with the gifts that keep on giving.

This might look like your ordinary bacon pen but hold on to your skillet. This Seven Year Pen can write 1.7 meters a day for seven years. Thanks to Seltzer, it’s the best $7.50 you will ever spend.


LargeThe other day I received this karma card from my very “green” friend, Alix. The stationery, created by New Leaf Products, is perforated in the middle so I’m able to reuse this card as a postcard.

And now, down to business….

Colored Pencils 8 ea

These rad Colored Pencils from Target are ideal stocking stuffers for a friend with pizazz.

The Robot Metallic Pencils from pottery barn kids will surely make easing into Thank You note writing that much easier.

The “rob” silo pencil sharpener from good erdle is a perfect gift for friends who’ve spent time in the country or have a passion for silos.

Serrote Letterpress Notebooks

I love the way the Serrote Letterpress Notebook brings a bit of Portuguese culture into its cover.

Wheel Printed Cover Notebook

Just crazy about these wheel printed cover notebooks from Postalco. Take a look at how they hand-create each one.

Welcome to the world of Thumbook, a tiny signature book that “connects people through pen & ink.” Novel idea. On one side you create a self-portrait incorporating your thumb print and on the other side write a thought or two. Take a look for yourself.

Mini Leather Journal Necklace - Rustic Book Jewelry

Keeping your words close to the heart, here’s a gift for a true journal lover.

Maxx & Unicorn NotebooksMaxx & Unicorn notebooks are well-made and the ideal pocket size. The dark camo design might just be cool enough for the untraditional nephew.

This French notebook from Brook Farm General Store is so lovely you’ll never want to hide it under your bed (where I used to hide my journals as a kid, so sneaky I know).

Lately I’ve noticed unique stamps showing up everywhere I look. The lovely Initial Rubber Stamp from MaeMae Paperie comes right out of little old Minneapolis.

Name Stamp - Custom Stamp for Stationery by Pretty Chic

Surprise your mum with her very own custom stamp from Pretty Chic.

Image of Arctic Stamp Set

Stamp sets make me want to bin the phone and get creative. It’s just too easy to make a page look good with these sets especially this Artic Stamp Set from the beautiful INK WIT creators.

Sailing knots notecard boxset

This letterpress stationery set is perfect for the sailor or boy scout in the family.

Custom Letterpress Stationery - Swash Calligraphy - Personalized Set of 25 Flat Notes

You can never go wrong with personalized stationery, especially if you select a classic style from the designers at Missive. Treat yourself.

City Park Postcard Set 8pcs

Quill and Fox have created an intimate cityscape for this postcard set. Just the right size for a stocking.

Aviator Glasses Correspondence Cards

These Aviator Correspondence Cards from Crane & C0. will make even the coolest cat itch to write a note.

sugar paper from Los Angeles designs all things lovely and the card for all occasion box is no exception. You will make any lover of good stationery smile with this gift.

For the friend who can’t stop typing, surprise her with a new font from My Fonts. At least her emails will arrive in script!

Monogrammed necklaces appear to be the rage these days (don’t you love the 80’s revival?). Get into the groove with this calligraphy necklace from brevity. Your B/F/F/A/E will be so touched she might even loan you her rainbow t-shirt over holiday break.

set of 6 place cards - with birch holders - herbs and tomato/basil

Last Saturday I hit a holiday pop-up market in Linden Hills (love supporting the local artists!) and found these place cards from red cruiser. Nice addition to any meal.


For the child who adores receiving mail, surprise him with his very own mail box from Twin Cities based Metamorphic Toys. I think I actually might ask St. Nick for this one.

Of course, if someone in your life needs a little hint as to what you might be wishing for this holiday season…

The elves at russell+hazel are so bright with ideas they came up with this Holiday Wish List to help those troubled buyers (p.s. 20% off all orders over $50 through Dec 6).

Here’s something to give a personal touch to your gifts – DIY chalkboard holiday gift tags. A perfect craft to accompany you in front of the fire while you dream of sugar plum fairies writing letters of well wishes (my sugar plum fairies write, not dance)….hmmm, I think that egg nog might be setting in!  Ho-Ho-Ho.

Go Green

Earth Day, like many other “noted dates,” has become a bit commercial if you ask us. The Recycle icon can be seen anywhere from the Today Show to the side of canvas shopping bags. With that said, is still stands as one of the most remarkable happenings in the history of green democracy. The very first Earth Day, in the spring of 1970, not only supported the first green generation but brought worldwide attention to the environmental crisis that continues to impact our country and world.

So how can one continue this movement which will effect our children, grandchildren, and so on? Recycle, compost, bike not drive, turn off your lights, donate to your local green nonprofits, and use the following products.


Lead Graffiti, a graphic design company who specializes in letterpress, sell these rockin’ boxcard cards. The top seller at the National Stationery Show in 2010, the repurposed packaging comes from a selection of food-related products such as cereal, soft drinks, and beer.

If planning a green wedding, check out the Save the Date cards by Night Owl Paper Goods which are printed on eco-friendly, sustainably harvested wood.


The Cow Card from Seltzer Goods is made on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with eco-friendly ink.


The line of journals from The Found, use real 1940’s American mug shots. All of their  products are “inspired by a collection of found ephemera, everything from vintage photos, 35 mm slides and mug shots to letters and original decals – items that have lived in the world a while and it’s their time to be re-discovered…and in some ways re-invented and re-purposed.”


The folks at Calypso Cards are serious about the environment. The journal above is actually made from tree-free paper. Tree-free paper? Come again? I’ll keep looking for ink-free pens but not sure I’ll ever find one. Or want to.

If we are truly talking Green, one direction to go is with a digital app. Yes, I get it, this is far from the handwriting we here at Brown Ink support but the folks at Red Stamp  believe in sending messages the best way they know how. Check out their Earth Day card selections below and it’s easy to link to their website where one can download the application and find the Earth Day cards in the Happy section (Thanks Dan!).


So head outdoors, think about doing less, and use the back of a receipt from Whole Paycheck to invite your friend on a bike date to your local free trade coffee shop where they encourage you to bring your own mug.