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Boogie Nights

It snowed last night in my hometown and the world has become a quieter place. Perfect timing I’d say. After all the energy we put into the holidays, a bit of slowing down is much needed, at least in our house. I’m not suggesting we don’t give end-of-the-year celebrations their due, but perhaps we’ll end 2014 with a reflective, thoughtful spirit.


If you’re gathering folks on the 31st, these DIY written hearts from Oh So Beautiful Paper may inspire a few New Year’s intentions or at least ignite conversation among guests.


I love a good house cleanse and these smudge sticks will do the trick. Write a note to your guests, welcoming 2015 as they may clear out any negative energy from the past year. Thanks for the idea, Of-a-Kind ladies.


These inspirational New Year’s Eve Confetti Fortune Pockets from Design Sponge are gorgeous and a completely playful DIY idea, a perfect party favor to kick off the new year.


If you’re looking to pick up party decor for New Year’s, head to Red Stamp for all your paper needs (And fabulous digital invites since it’s a bit late for paper. Shhh, I didn’t they say that!).

Although I love a good party, I welcome a clean slate even more – (Wow, you’d think I was a bit of a bore, although my husband will remind me I’ve gone out dancing twice into the wee hours just in the past week! I know, every so often I’m crazy like that.).

The new year brings a clean calendar, it provides one a moment to breathe, take note, and forces a certain reflection of how we are walking through life. Now having two kids in grade school, bringing family into a conversation about resolutions is appealing. The always inspiring Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom created an idea on how to involve your children during this time of reflection.


Her family keeps a journal which they open around the New Year, where they include their daydreams and goals, providing a simple format to see where they have grown over the past year. I may give it a try myself…at the moment our children are floating somewhere between the sledding hills, Christmas gifts and multiple holiday-break-movie-nights. Although they may not fully understand the idea of “becoming better people” through New Year’s resolutions, as Gabrielle suggests, perhaps the process of handwriting their intentions will reinforce the idea they actually have a bit of a say over their own direction in life.

Here’s to a beautiful 2015 – A year of more writing, reflection, and knowledge of oneself. As for me, I plan to include a few more boogie nights to keep me young! Cheers.

voila party

My co-pilot and I are opposite when it comes to blogging. He has the wit, and at times bizarre, inside-baseball kind of humor. Me, I’m more practical and sing-songy. Nick handwrites all his posts before logging in and I, on the other hand, need to type when organizing my thoughts (I realize, a bit anti-Brown Ink). Nick stores all his ideas in his head. For me, I collect ideas and store them under a specific category using my awesome filing system (with the help from russell&hazel file folders).

Funny enough, even with well-intended folders spilling over with post ideas, for me it always comes down to what feels fresh at the time. I often wait for the right topic to knock me over. So this past week, buried under stationery catalogues while narrowing down the goods to premiere on Brown Ink this fall (so excited!!), I had no time or room to let an idea surface. But leave it to a morning run to solve or at least sort out my present problems. Summer humidity finally arrived and out came my need for a summer party…voila. Who doesn’t love a little social gathering in the heat of the season!?!

invite1 Take the time to handwrite an invite! I used these invitations from MARA-MI for a Bon Voyage party for my neighbors this spring. I adore the origami and gold foil print inside the envelope.


 And for more of the garden party…

Garden Party Invitations

Rifle Paper features a beautiful party invitation which can be used for many occasions.



Use this nautical, summer themed gift tag from MARA-MI with a bottle of bubbly for the host.


0040 Make your drinks labels stand out and feel festive with a celebratory stamp!



Letterpressed Neon Coasters - "Bottoms up"

These chic, neon coasters from Haute Papier use an added touch with the letterpress handwriting.

Find a way to make a statement as your guests arrive. A good friend of mine welcomed her friends by using chalkboard paint in her front entrance. An easy feel good.

 Find chalkboard paint around town or make it temporary with peel & stick boards


Of course, if your party has many people chatting it up with one another, they will love the napkin notes for the last minute thought, much easier than digging for you iphone to message yourself.

With these food writing pens, your handwriting is actually edible!

iPad Step example

If you’re not a big Thank You note writer, make it simple by shooting a photo with the host and send a card using inkFelt, RedStamp, or Postagram, all phone or tablet apps which send an old-fashioned written card, on real paper, delivered by a mail carrier. All before you exit the party.


Let the festivities begin….

Go Green

Earth Day, like many other “noted dates,” has become a bit commercial if you ask us. The Recycle icon can be seen anywhere from the Today Show to the side of canvas shopping bags. With that said, is still stands as one of the most remarkable happenings in the history of green democracy. The very first Earth Day, in the spring of 1970, not only supported the first green generation but brought worldwide attention to the environmental crisis that continues to impact our country and world.

So how can one continue this movement which will effect our children, grandchildren, and so on? Recycle, compost, bike not drive, turn off your lights, donate to your local green nonprofits, and use the following products.


Lead Graffiti, a graphic design company who specializes in letterpress, sell these rockin’ boxcard cards. The top seller at the National Stationery Show in 2010, the repurposed packaging comes from a selection of food-related products such as cereal, soft drinks, and beer.

If planning a green wedding, check out the Save the Date cards by Night Owl Paper Goods which are printed on eco-friendly, sustainably harvested wood.


The Cow Card from Seltzer Goods is made on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with eco-friendly ink.


The line of journals from The Found, use real 1940’s American mug shots. All of their  products are “inspired by a collection of found ephemera, everything from vintage photos, 35 mm slides and mug shots to letters and original decals – items that have lived in the world a while and it’s their time to be re-discovered…and in some ways re-invented and re-purposed.”


The folks at Calypso Cards are serious about the environment. The journal above is actually made from tree-free paper. Tree-free paper? Come again? I’ll keep looking for ink-free pens but not sure I’ll ever find one. Or want to.

If we are truly talking Green, one direction to go is with a digital app. Yes, I get it, this is far from the handwriting we here at Brown Ink support but the folks at Red Stamp  believe in sending messages the best way they know how. Check out their Earth Day card selections below and it’s easy to link to their website where one can download the application and find the Earth Day cards in the Happy section (Thanks Dan!).


So head outdoors, think about doing less, and use the back of a receipt from Whole Paycheck to invite your friend on a bike date to your local free trade coffee shop where they encourage you to bring your own mug.