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Indigo I’s

The beginning stages of writing for many kids can be challenging. One way our son, Emmett, becomes even more excited to pick up a pencil these days is if color is involved. Why not make your “I’s” indigo if the option presents itself? A simple way we keep track of these pencils is with the PixieSpit Rainbow Roll. My friend Lisa, a talented local artist, has created the perfect pencil roll from using leftovers from her quilt making. Ooo la la. For that first child who might be a bit Type A, each pencil has its own home! You can catch PixieSpit on etsy or, if you happen to live in the Twin Cities, stop in at Handmade Arts from the Heart this Saturday or the Kingfield Holiday Market November 20th.



Speaking of soon (and unrelated to handwriting…apologies Nick), another talented lady, Michelle, from Pretty Mommy, will be hosting a Pop Up Shop this weekend at Spruce. This is a must if you have the time.


You now have no excuse to get a head start with holiday shopping my friends. And if you are able to support small businesses, more power to you!