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Wendy’s Wednesday Picks

I’m alive and well, fellow readers!! Aside from a quick trip over to Paris with Mr. Brown (more on this next post) life has been jam-packed as we make the final tweaks to the Brown Ink Paper Goods online boutique, opening soon. My time to blog these days has been spotty, but eventually this will change. For now, I’ll be highlighting my favorite topics every Wednesday to keep you up to speed on interesting points in the writing world!

First off, check out the new blog from the founding editor of Stationery Trends, Sarah Schwartz, called The Paper Chronicles. For a paper lover like myself, this blog is fabulous for introducing new lines and connecting with those who appreciate the handwritten note. Congrats Sarah!

The Paper Chronicles

Speaking of new businesses, these letterpress business cards from The Beauty of Letterpress are out-of-sight. Crazy about this one, numbered and perforated. So original.

My in-laws, Sally and Jim, just returned a few weeks ago from a month long trip to Alaska. Sally, a big fan of handwriting, sent numerous postcards to our family. We loved hearing about their adventures through writing and pictures of wildlife they came across.

IMG_0007I was the lucky recipient of a postcard full of the Alaska State Flower Forget-Me-Not seed. Love.

To celebrate its first birthday, Olive Box has come out with a stationery box filled with beautiful greeting cards for every occasion. Perfect for a gift or to have on hand!

Card-olivebox-bigFor you local folks, it’s the 20th Anniversary of Lunalux, my favorite letterpress printing and stationery store in the Twin Cities. To comemmorate the anniversary, they created a beautifully letterpressed party invitation, printed it on a unique lead and wood type, and added lined envelopes to boot.

lunalux.two-oh!.invitation1Make sure to stop by next Saturday on Customer Appreciation Day with 20% off products.

Speaking of local, temps have only begun to drop in Minneapolis, yet soon enough the Holiday season will arrive. Just our luck, the 2013 USPS set is larger than ever, with 8 holidays stamps. Check out the history of each one. Here are a few of my favs…

Global Holiday: Evergreen Wreath

Global Forever: Evergreen Wreath

Gingerbread Houses 



Finally, a word from my son Oliver. The other day he needed a little alone time in his room and, with no direction from his parents, returned downstairs with this note in hand.


Translation: Bea I am sorry I spit on your head. Priceless.


Spring Break for the Brown Family has arrived. As I drove my bubbly boys and Nick to the Amtrak station early this morning to board a train headed to Chicago, I reminded them of the four requests I had mentioned over dinner last night (such an annoying Mom sometimes!!). Emmett piped up, “One, take lots of pictures (Nick finally turned in his flip phone for a smartphone which actually takes pictures!). Two, write postcards (the troupe is supplied with postcard stamps and addresses). Three, have fun. And four…I forgot, Mom.” I pleaded, “Write in your travel journal at least once Em!”  “Oh right, got it Mom.”

I laughed when I realized two of the four requests pertained to writing. No surprise here. But it’s the simple touches of handwriting which can leave the lasting impressions. That’s the drive anyway. The memories a child creates while not only documenting the journey, the “big city” moments, but the actual act of writing becomes a part of this experience.

SSong Book Rack With Card and Pencil Holder

I was reminded of this yesterday while sitting at the Easter service with my family. When I wasn’t trying to hush my kids down, I found myself writing notes to my Mom on the donation envelope with the small pew pencils. Flashbacks raced in my mind of many younger years when I was also waiting patiently in the pews, wanting to chat with my friends. We would use up every centimeter of paper with our notes to each other. As I subtly passed my Mom a note, I wondered how many kids still write or do most text each other while trying to stay quiet during a church service? I’m afraid we all the know the answer. Is there a loss in this writing as well, the passing of the notes, the feel of the stubby pencil, using the song book as a desk?


The Parts of a Church Pew thumbnailThere are those traditions I plan to hold while my kids grow…writing postcards, writing in travel journals.  And yes, maybe even writing notes in church versus the ever popular texting might just have to be added to the list.