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Sun Reading

The Brown Family is finally back from the Oregon Coast where we took a good two weeks to read, sleep, run, eat, drink, dig in the sand, play soccer on the beach, collect sand dollars, mail postcards, eat and drink some more and write, write, write. While packing for the trip I might have caught Nick rolling his eyes ever so slightly when noticing the stack of journals (seven to be exact) which were headed to the West Coast with our troop. But, god love him, he also understands this was the ideal time for me to catch up on personal writing, travel writing and documenting the everyday details of our kids’ lives in their own journals.

photo 1

I actually had all intentions to write a few blog posts but, ironically, every time I attempted to log onto the internet I received little to no connection. I took it as a sign and went back to reading in the sun. I’m guessing you all would have done the same. Now back and fully recharged, I’m excited to feature our latest Designer from Quill & Fox, Yas Imamura, coming from the insanely gorgeous Northwest. Enjoy her story, the warm days left in Summer and we’ll be back soon.