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A Year to Remember

2012 has gone by in a blink for our family as well as for brown ink. Although it felt brief, it was a memorable one. We thought we’d mention a few highlights which will stay with us throughout the coming year.

Food seems like a good place to start. As soon as we mention handwritten recipes on our blog, we receive loads of homemade treats.





Instagram made out-of-town Birthday Wishes that much easier!! (even written ones)


We cheered for the noticeable trends in favor of writing. Obviously when Gwyneth starts featuring journals (this one designed with help from iomoi) on her blog, handwriting has got to be up there on the “It  List”, right?

Even clothing designers began partnering with stationery lines such as the relationship between Club Monaco and Terrapin Stationery. Way to jump on the stationery train you trendy folks you.

Many images will stick in our minds as meaningful this year. One came from our friend Alecia, whose niece was battling cancer.

Phoebe sent this hand made card out to friends, thankful for the support. Truly an inspiration.

Speaking of Alecia, brown ink had the gift of featuring guest bloggers this past year including Alecia, Jenni and Lisa. Their outlooks on handwriting, stationery and to-do lists were brilliant. Thanks again ladies!

We also appreciated friends sharing their brown ink moments during the year. Our friend Jill came back from a visit to her parents home in Washington with these images…



The mailbox is perched up on a little hill, perfect for curious minds to check on mail delivery. How magical!

IMG_0910From sticky summer handwritten popsicle stand signs to…


letterpress wedding invitations,


and the first time Baby Beatrice’s name was seen on paper,

IMG_1467there were plenty of written highlights through out 2012!!

And much to look forward to in 2013. Here’s hoping the written word will continue to stay present in your daily lives. Now on to my first entry in the 5 Year Journal.

One last image to take away with you from this year, and it comes from outside the world of writing. Aside from the oft-played Portland Proposal in our home office, this video from Olafur Arnalds Haegt reminds us to continue to find the light in the darkest of times. There is so much more to discover in the coming year.

Amelio the Mail Carrier

My friend, Lisa, is a talented artist who designs beautiful quilts (check our her company, Pixie Spit.) She also carries a love of stamps which stems from years of admiring her Italian grandfather’s every day hard work as a letter carrier.

Amelio Taglia worked for over 40 years in Cleveland, Ohio as a proud U.S. Mail Carrier. He took his job very seriously. When he wasn’t meeting his friends at the Dairy Warehouse after work and bringing home ice cream for his wife and three kids, he was delivering mail through four, (often brutal), seasons while being admired by many. Lisa recalls the hundreds of strangers appearing at his funeral. He was one of those guys who people looked up to. And those folks also understood the importance of his job.


Jenny, Lisa’s sister, wearing her grandfather’s Mail Carrier hat

Amelio saved stamps with the intention of handing them over to his grandson, Jimmy, who might appreciate the collection even more later in life. As the story goes, fast forward thirty years and we find adult Jim leaving his parents’ home with Amelio’s stamp collection, ready to sell for some extra cash. Thankfully, his mother stopped him before reaching the car. In the end, dear Lisa was able to retain the vintage stamps and never plans to let them go. She recently shared part of this fantastic collection with me.

I encourage you, the next time you run into your Post Carrier, to ask him or her how their day is going. Hand them a homemade muffin. Express your gratitude. With the internet these days we sometime forget the importance of the U.S Mail Carriers’ role in our lives. It’s a respectful line of work and one I certainly would hate to see taken for granted in years to come.

By the way, more from Lisa sharing her love of writing and her own stamp collection later this summer. But for now, I’m off to write in the journal of our soon arriving Baby Brown. I’m giving he or she a not-so-subtle suggestion it’s a good time to make an appearance!!

Indigo I’s

The beginning stages of writing for many kids can be challenging. One way our son, Emmett, becomes even more excited to pick up a pencil these days is if color is involved. Why not make your “I’s” indigo if the option presents itself? A simple way we keep track of these pencils is with the PixieSpit Rainbow Roll. My friend Lisa, a talented local artist, has created the perfect pencil roll from using leftovers from her quilt making. Ooo la la. For that first child who might be a bit Type A, each pencil has its own home! You can catch PixieSpit on etsy or, if you happen to live in the Twin Cities, stop in at Handmade Arts from the Heart this Saturday or the Kingfield Holiday Market November 20th.



Speaking of soon (and unrelated to handwriting…apologies Nick), another talented lady, Michelle, from Pretty Mommy, will be hosting a Pop Up Shop this weekend at Spruce. This is a must if you have the time.


You now have no excuse to get a head start with holiday shopping my friends. And if you are able to support small businesses, more power to you!