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2013 Favorite Things List

Two weeks to go folks. And boys and girls, do we have a snappy Holiday List for you. Our team has searched far and wide to find the most unique holiday gifts around…so sit back and start shopping!


 The I-Wood Chalkboard Laptop from the Walker Shop is for the cool kids.

Three Stars Colored Champagne Chalk - Kaufmann Mercantile Store

And the Three Stars Colored Chalk from oeuf is a needed addition to the laptop!

Image of Journals

These photo journals from Pinhole Press may inspire a child’s story-writing one snowy day (FYI, a great deal going on over on their coupon page!)

And for the adults in your world…

Kate Spade Eraser Set

It will be a treat to correct mistakes with this gold foiled Kate Spade Eraser Set.

For the hand-lettering enthusiast with an itch for stellar calligraphy skills, look no further. This Calligraphy Starter Kit from Antiquaria will set the hand in motion the old-school way.


A stationery subscription service, Nicely Noted delivers a curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps. Coming from someone who adores surprises, I think this is the best gift ever.

mr. boddington’s Every Day Five-Year Memory Book from chronicle books: a giveaway. / sfgirlbybay

Life moves too fast to remember everything. This 5 Year Memory Book from Mr. Boddington’s Studio can bring peace to one’s life and takes only a minute.

Bespoke Small Secret Photo Keepsake Box

Emboss a handwritten message or name onto the Bespoke Small Secret Photo Keepsake Box from Anya Hindmarch to make this elegant gift even more personal.

This nostalgic New England 2014 Letterpress Desk Calendar from press bound will dazzle the outdoors person and nature admirer in your life.

Birdie Letter Opener - Grey

One only hopes their mailbox is full so they can use the Birdie Letter Opener from Pigeonhole!

Ultra thick, striped bow stationery set

From one of my favorite designers, Besotted Brand has created a charming Striped Bow Stationery Set on extra thick white card stock including black or kraft paper envelopes. Love.

For the fashionista, this Quarterbound Notebook is made from crisp, mid blue denim. Smokin’.

Personalized letterpress stationery - Empire - Set of 25 cards & envelopes

Still time to order gorgeous personalized Letterpress Stationery from Pomegranate Press.

For the Travelers…

Gray Travel Notebook

The Gray Travel Notebook from Spartan even includes multiple interior pockets for souvenirs.

Kids will love using the Sideshow Press Kraft Journal (sold at Brown Ink) on next summer’s road trip.


For a letter writer on the go, this Cartographer from Spring Finn & Co. has become my catch-all for stationery, pens, and stamps. Both sturdy and handsome, you can’t go wrong.

Stocking Stuffers

Pencils - Stocking Stuffer - Christmas Stocking Stuffer - Naughty or Nice - Christmas Pencils - Gift Under 10 - Red and Green Pencils

Row House 14 has oodles of pencils, this one is for the stocking.

Designed by Shanna Murray for West Elm, we adore these charming coasters for the holidays!

Tickets Lists are perfect for the last minute notes or to make a coupon book for your mate!

Wrapping, Tags and More

Draw Together Christmas Set

Get your kiddos to help out with your gift tags like these included in the Draw Together Christmas Set from caravan. And if you don’t have a mantle to hang stockings, this set includes a fireplace as well. Check it out!  And no time waiting since it’s a download. Perfect for you folks headed out of town with no fireplace for Santa to make his appearance!

Image of Holiday Oval Gift Tag Set - four different designs

Holiday Oval Gift Tag Set from Sesame Letterpress Shop can even be reused for ornaments.

This luxurious wrapping paper from Urbanic Paper Boutique has been stamped with gold foil.

Aren’t you thankful we knocked off half your list? Enjoy the giving season.


PS. For you locals, Brown Ink will have goods at Mille tomorrow from 12-5. Also, head over to Lunalux tonight for a little After-Hours Printing Party as well as Stationery Saturday tomorrow…

It’s A Good Thing

Martha Stewart mailed out her holiday cards yesterday. It’s true (she also weight trained at some point in the day, such the ambitious woman). And as I read this in the beautiful December issue of Living, instead of feeling anxious, agitated and downright pissed off, I grinned and took a deep breath. Not because I had already sent mine out weeks ago. Oh, no. I smiled because I made the decision not to send holiday cards out this year. Repeat, THIS YEAR.

Earlier on today I shared this bit of news with my best friend Kari while we toasted nuts, fed Bea and caught up on our lives. Knowing me as well she does, her mouth hit the floor. “You’re not?!” she cried. Another good friend, Ellen, felt it was against what I stand for (and not great for business) to forgo mailing out a holiday greeting. And I get it. I am all about mailing words and images of peace, love and cute babies. But here’s the deal, one thing had to go this year and it happens to be the annual card. I think everyone needs a break every so often, and this was my year. And when I made this decision, I felt relief and joy because I knew this gave me more time to play with the kids, listen to holiday tunes, bake, write in my journal and gaze at the tree while the fire burns. No guilt involved.

However, one thing I have learned from owning a paper goods store over the past few months is a trend I was afraid to confirm. The general public is not purchasing the simple holiday card. Although I have sold sets here and there, they are usually purchased for teachers, bosses or people who you might not be as close to. These days everyone is all about designing their holiday picture card online. And why not when you look at the fabulous selections and deals?

You have minted, tinyprints, Shutterfly, Pinhole Press, polka dot Design, and pear tree greetings to just name a few. Thousands of designs, all with great deals of course.

Photo Christmas Cards  -- Photo Paper Ombre Greeting

Graphic Glee - Flat Holiday Greeting Cards - Robyn Miller - White : Front

Image of Thin Modern

Vintage Christmas - Christmas Cards - Sarah Hawkins Designs - Scarlet - Red : Front

The one thing I do miss with these pictures is the personal touch. The written name, the quick update, the personal wishes from one family to another. Of course I love seeing the changes with children over the years which can only be seen in the pictures. But something has been lost in today’s holiday card. And I’m not sure if we’ll be going back.

Joyeux Noel Set

One thing I have decided, instead of sending out our annual family photo, I will be using a few of the holiday cards from Brown Ink Paper Goods, adding a picture from instagram and mailing out a handwritten letter to a small group of friends and family who I haven’t connected with in awhile. And I can do all of this in a few hours, sitting beside the tree with Johnny Mathis in the background. However you reach out to your loved ones, Martha would feel it’s a good thing.