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A Fresh Start

(Emmett and the neighborhood gang head off to school)

School is back in session and the entire family is quite pleased about the whole thing. I felt like a kid myself walking Emmett up to his 1st grade class last week, butterflies flapping away in my belly. And as many new parents hear, time starts to fly once First Grade kicks off (sigh). Which makes this next item all the more important to have on hand.

I noticed this notebook at local kid boutique, Pacifier, and grabbed one for each kid. Being a journal lover and also a bit Type A, this School Years: A Family Keepsake of School Memories was right on the mark. With pages for Kindergarten through 12th grade, it’s kind of the “anti scrapbook” with lines for favorite subjects, activities, teachers, friends and an enclosure for artwork, report cards and more. With all the material you are given as a parent of a school aged kid, this should keep me a bit more sane in the coming years.

One item which we’ll be including in our School Years journal is a postcard from Emmett’s teacher, Mrs. Johnson. What a brilliant way to reach out to the students before the year begins and make them feel more comfortable about this new person in their lives.

Now that Emmett is full day, he can bring his lunch to school – And although this might feel like a pain to some parents, this means only one thing to me…Lunch Notes! My parents were big on sending us to school with handwritten reminders of how much they loved us. It’s also another opportunity to challenge your child to a new word or two. And these days I jump at any excuse to handwrite the word Mom. 

(I think I’m hysterical, of course)

You really can grab any old piece of scrap paper for these lunch box notes. However, these days one can find plenty of inspiring cards to put a kick in your kiddos’ lunch box.

Love these notes pads from paper source  – A nice brightener for darker days to come.


These mini lunch notes will keep your child all smiles even if he’s not thrilled about the contents of the lunchbox.


For the child who might blush at the mention of anything close to “I Love You Maxwell”, you can still include a personal written touch with Food Box Menus which you can print off the net.

But as we know, what it really all comes down to are the school materials. I suppose that’s when those ‘back to school’ butterflies first appeared, in the aisles of Target. Back in mid-August during a trip at the super store, every which way I turned a parent held a different list of what specific item (down to the brand, of course) their child needed for the school year.


So when the cooler months arrive and your child might not be so pumped up to head off for the bus, stash away one of these Fuzzy Wuzzy Pencils in her book bag to put a spark in her writing.

Or these groovy pencil bags from Garnet Hill.

I mean come on, this one is a show stopper. Puppet included.


So here’s to all those kindergarteners who have just entered a whole new world (Go Marie!).  May they grow to be fine letter writers, journal owners, and lovers of all pencils. Don’t you love fresh starts?