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Capturing a Reader’s Life

Here’s a reader who makes an avid journal writer proud. Last Sunday there was an article in the NY Times Book Review that thankfully caught Grandma Sally’s eye.

Pamela Paul has been keeping a journal (she named it BOB, book of books) of the all the books she has read since 1988, the summer of her Junior year of High School to be exact.  Here is a woman who had a difficult time keeping a journal so instead found a way to capture what was happening in her life through the books she read. Whether they were novels she was handed from fellow travelers while backpacking around the globe in her 20’s, or self help books later in life, BOB was there to keep track of her “literary foibles, passing curiosities and guilty pleasures” throughout her life.

I think it is a stellar idea especially for the vigorous readers out there. Sometimes after I read a book that I want to keep, I’ll write the date and location of where I did most of the reading. And, every so often, when I return to our bookshelf and see my notes inside the cover it takes me back to that place in time. It becomes a unique guide to remember exactly what was going on in my life by having written down only a small bit of information (although sometimes the weathered pages from ocean water and oil-stained fingerprints are a dead give away of vacation locales).

Speaking of those who enjoy a good book…

For those of you on the West coast, this weekend is the Los Angeles Festival of Books where attendees will be socializing with writers, publishers and fanatical readers. It’s thought to be the largest public celebration of the written word. Festival goers are even invited to grab a marker and give a shout-out to their favorite books by posting book titles on the giant “What are you reading?” graffiti wall. Now that’s pretty cool.