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So That Happened

As 2013 comes to an end, what’s going through your mind? Are you ready to begin a New Year?

I have to admit, I love a clean slate. Fresh starts, new beginnings, all of it. My resolutions have been everywhere from see more live shows, read a novel a month, write more letters and curb my love of coffee to more state of mind goalsĀ such as stay more positive and take deep breaths with the kids and do something which scares me everyday. As for now, I’m looking at this past year with a smile, thinking of memories which made me laugh, think, feel thankful and proud.


If you are looking for a little guidance, this free New Years Memories and Resolutions Printable will help keep track of hopes for the next year and look back on the memorable moments of 2013. Perfect for a party or to complete on your own.

You might not even share resolutions with friends but keep this stored away or taped up in your medicine cabinet as a daily reminder of goals and reflections on what is good in life. Either way, celebrate the passing of time with a little writing, a little bubbly and a toast to what lies ahead.