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A Holiday in My World

Did you know today is a holiday? Honestly. Well, in my mind today’s National Handwriting Day should be an official, full-fledged, no school, and no screens kind of a holiday where everyone sits down at a pub, bus stop, or front steps and writes. I’m well aware my dreams are big. However, in honoring this day I’m revealing the expansion of my own letterpress line, Brown Ink Paper Goods!

mountains-2-1600x1600-3 copy

My love of letterpress stationery, while incorporating vintage printing blocks, has not slowed a bit since the launch of the store. Thanks to my dear friend Jean Glenn, from Pomegranate Press, we’ve come up with a beautiful line of cards for everyone for any occasion.

bolts-star-cross-3 copy

Many styles of the collection were revealed at NorthernGrade in November and were met with authentic excitement! I will be introducing more styles as the year unfolds so keep a look out.

CU-dog-1600x1600-2 copy
dipped-love-4 copy

Our new Valentine’s card from the With Love collection is hot off the press. Jean and I decided to give another level of personal touch to each card by dipping these beautiful cotton pieces into Cherry Kool-Aid. This Dipped Love is my new favorite by far!

jockey-1-1600x1600-3 copy

Here’s to keeping handwriting alive in anyway I can. Enjoy the holiday weekend fellow writers!

Get Out a Pen

No wonder I had a sudden urge this morning to grab a pen and some stationery, and write out a half-dozen cards to friends and family for various reasons…it’s National Handwriting Day!


So why not do the same and write a note to a someone you’ve been meaning to reach out to and say: I Miss You or Happy Belated Birthday or Thanks for Taking Taking My Kids When I Needed A Break or Congrats On Your Recent Cleanse or Did You Know You Have the Bluest Eyes In Our ‘Hood? The list goes on. And if you still need to find some reasons to write vs. type for a change, I found a perfect list to sum it up from The Week (make sure to read the scoop from Chris Gayomail!):

1. It’s better for learning  2. It makes you a better writer  3. It will prevent you from being distracted    4. It keeps your brain sharp as you get older

And if I may add a #5, there can be nothing more heartwarming than to receive an unexpected written correspondence. I find a certain peace and a bit more harmony on the mornings I write. Why not you? It’s that simple people. No more excuses. Letter writing, journal writing, just write.


Don’t get me wrong, National History Day is pretty cool. Despite the fact that it’s a little misleading becuase National History Day isn’t a day at all but an ongoing program where students engage in extensive research around some hostorical topic or theme, it certainly seems like an important and worthy endeavor. But that NHD isn’t the NHD on my mind today, because today is National Handwriting Day, and that’s a big deal with us, and where would history be without handwriting anyway? The historians will say “Lascaux” but I say “let’s go” write something down so that today’s writing will be tomorrow’s history and that’s a win win for all NHDers.

I Got Rhymes Like Abe Vigoda

Today is January 23 which means this is the day we celebrate the birthdays of Django Reinhardt, Edouard Manet and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, among others. It is also the day that both “Barney Miller” (1975) and “Seinfeld” (1991) debuted on the network television. I don’t mean this as a slight to the inimitable Hal Linden but I think of January 23rd more for being National Handwriting Day than for the introduction of the character Fish.

You might ask what in the name of Abe Vigoda is National Handwriting Day? Good question. Started in 1977 by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, an industry trade group, the purpose of National Handwriting Day “is to alert the public of the importance of handwriting”.  And hopefully sell more pens along the way. On the surface I suppose National Handwriting Day sounds kind of like a made up Hallmark holiday designed to boost sales while cloaked in the noble pursuit of individual expression and creation. Perhaps. But as a person who has a blog about the importance of handwriting, you might imagine I don’t share that view. Rather, I prefer to think of NHD on the terms promoted by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, that is, to highlight the importance of handwriting.

And why January 23 you ask? Because today is John Hancock’s birthday and he was the first – and had the heaviest hand – signer of the Declaration of Independence. That, and the Writing Instruments Manufacturers Association must have wanted this week, which for me already includes an anniversary and two birthdays, to be even busier.

I recognize this entry probably should have been posted prior to today or at a minimum earlier in the day. But like the individualism inherent in handwriting, we all have a unique combination of personal characteristics and traits which make us who we are, and for me procrastination figures heavily into that list of personal ingredients. Better late than never I guess. And for you, it’s still not too late to pick up a pen or pencil and put something in writing. You’ll feel better for it and it’s a lot cheaper than Sweetest Day.