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It’s difficult to refer to my friend Amy as our babysitter since she is more an extension of our family. She’s the kind of young girl I wish I could have been at the young age of 20. Not only did Amy spend her freshman year of college in Florence not knowing a soul but she’ll be heading back to Italy this Fall to meet up with her fantastico boyfriend Tomasso and continue her education.

Like most kids these days, Amy and Tomasso connect daily via Skype, email and/or texting. But she is also a traditional gal who has been known to mail care packages with scrapbooks, celebrating their first year together or send a sweet letter just for the sake of writing.


For Mother’s Day this year Amy surprised me with a handwritten Gift Card, perfect in every way. And it doesn’t hurt that Amy not only loves to cook but she shares her recipes using a handwritten card!



Let’s hear it for the young writers of the world…if not the ridiculously yummy coconut almond butter which could substitute for dessert!  (Thanks Amy, such the inspirational chic!)