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Spring Pause

Spring has sprung…I think. At least the melting process has begun up here in the north country.  This seems like the perfect time to stretch out that writing hand of yours and write a simple card.  Reach out to a friend you haven’t connected with for ages, invite a loved one over for tea, remind someone how much you appreciated their advice taken decades ago, or celebrate the beginning of Spring with a neighbor, all through your very own handwriting!  As much as the general public has been sucked in by the digital world, the simple fact is this…People still very much enjoy and appreciate receiving written correspondence.


(photo my Emilie at L & E Photography)

Last month I was a part of the Morningside After Dark Storytelling and Live Music Series where I kicked off the Postcard Project, handing free and stamped postcards to each attendee. The idea was for guests to connect with others through a simple and short handwritten message, whether a relationship currently in their lives or from the past. I was amazed at the reaction I received by these strangers. Not only did they thank me for beginning the process of a correspondence, but also how such a small project can be a reminder of the value of this kind of communication. The meaning behind the words become intimate rather than the predictable and impersonal email or text. Give it shot, just one letter, one note. The action will force you to pause as well as the recipient.


By the way, in celebration of Spring, Brown Ink Paper Goods will be posting its first Giveaway on Instagram starting tomorrow morning. Perfect time to starting following us at browninkcom!

The Remedy

Spring is coming, at least the last few days have reminded me so. Minnesotans are on the verge of insanity due to our extreme Winter, and, as much as we’d like to see the grass and the beginning growth of the garden, we have another month my friends…and then some. So why not release a new line of Spring Season cards to get us through the last few months of Winter?

Introducing Brown Parcel Press, a small print shop out of rural Georgia, inspired by all the goodness found on their farm. I fell crazy in love with their work the moment I laid eyes on their paper goods. And had to add a few products to our stationery collection

The Spring Onion is always the first glimpse of vegetable growth!

The Fresh Dozen Set makes me ponder the idea of running a chicken coop in our backyard.

I’m not headed to Florida like the rest of MN over Spring Break so the Citrus Set will have to do.

And while some of us dream of warmer days, it’s time for the locals to get out of the house and socialize. Why not join me in attending the Morningside After Dark Winter Series, a unique  evening of storytelling and live music including highly talented musicians and writers.


This month’s theme, Conversation Hearts, will be sure to warm up our souls! And Brown Ink Paper Goods will be on site, selling a variety of goods from the shop, as well as featuring a Postcard Project for all who attend. Come along and remember why writing can be a wonderful tool for continuing the conversation.