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Fall Goodness

How did we arrive at yet another Wednesday in a blink, in a signature second? But it being Wendy’s Wednesday Picks I have a just a few things to share.

One of my favorite blogs is finally coming out with its own book!

Shaun Usher, the man behind Letters of Note, has edited a collection of fascinating letters, telegrams, and memos which he feels are worthy for a wider circulation than simply his blog. Since 2011 he’s been gathering mostly written correspondences which include a mix of wit, seriousness, sadness and brilliance. I love some of his favorite letters included in this just released book:

    • Leonardo da Vinci’s remarkable job application letter
    • Virginia Woolf’s unbearably sad suicide note, addressed to her husband
    • Steve Martin’s hilarious ‘personalised’ form letter to a fan
    • The poignant farewell letter of a Kamikaze pilot to his two young children, written the night before his mission
    • Queen Elizabeth II’s charming handwritten letter and personal recipe for drop scones, as sent to President Eisenhower.

An ideal gift for anyone fond of the written letter…not naming any names (pssst ME!).


With Halloween next week, I received these printable spooky lunchbox jokes from All for the Boys just in time. Emmett, my 2nd grade jokester, will go crazy when he finds these in his lunchbox, especially with a written BOO from mom. A little surprise goodness in his day.


Writing a handwritten note is a lovely act in itself. It’s especially meaningful when a third party is effected by the letter in more ways than we could image. Sarah and James Birkbeck brought these two passions together, a letter writing service and a mission to bring hope to those in need, by creating Send at Note. For each written card the Birkbecks create, 10% of the profits will go to help stop human trafficking around the world. Once I heard about this service, I couldn’t help but order a card for one of my most passionate Brown Ink subscribers. I’ll keep it a surprise. Be sure to check out their mission.

Lastly, for those Twin Citians who are looking for an excuse for holiday shopping or just love a good old pop-up-shop, don’t miss this Saturday’s gathering at my favorite boutique in South Minneapolis…


Not only has Michelle at Mille brought in a few out-of-town vendors with gorgeous jewelry and beautiful, handmade knitted clothing for an awesome Trunk Show, but she’ll also be selling a few Brown Ink Paper Goods items from our collection. MMMmmm…just a taste of what you’ll find in our on-line store opening soon. Come, come, grab a friend, sip a drink, pull out a pen and let the fall goodness surround you.

spreading the love

Lately I’ve realized how little I’ve mentioned some of the brilliant blogs out there which support our passion for writing. So on this fine, sunny Monday I thought I’d bring up a few that keep me coming back for more.

The gals behind Letter Writers Alliance honestly amaze me. Beginning in 2007, Kathy Zadrozny and Donovan Beeson created not only a blog which consistently highlights the importance of the postal world but have also created a community in Chicago that offers gatherings such as Letter Writing Socials. They also sell unique writing supplies on their fantastic online shop. And best yet, an inexpensive LWA membership gives you access to exclusive postal items and downloads. These gals do it all!!


Oh, Hello Friend is another favorite. Danni sells her products online as well as via brick and mortar in California. She also shares a million DIY paper projects, like this simple message in the bottle.

By the way, head to OHF today for an awesome give-away of handmade notes!

If I want to be visually inspired, Suann Song from Simple Song Design (just outside of DC) always plays with paper, color and design. She also creates stationery for The White House which is a treat to check out.


There is nothing like foodie blogs which grab my attention such as herriott grace (pie in a cup below) and bogart loves (egg in a hole)!


Of course, Letters of Note is one of the most fascinating sites around, gathering all kinds of letters, postcards, memos, telegrams and faxes from over the years. One of my favorites, below, is from Johnny Cash to June on her birthday. Such sweetness.

Who do you all follow these days?  Come on now, spread the love.