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Dad’s Survival Mode

I’m all about being practical. So when it comes to Father’s Day, I gravitate towards these mini-survival gifts. Basic essentials are great for any Dad, especially when it includes a pencil or pen!


 SOLKOA Survival Kit for Best Made


 The Pop’s EDC Kit from Kaufman Mercantile 


OK, it’s not quite a survival kit but this distressed leather, handsome Pencil Case from JW Hulme will keep his treasured writing utensils a bit more organized. And if you order one with an embossed complimentary monogram he’ll think of his family every time he grabs for a pencil!

Congrats & Cheers

Brown Ink is headed to NYC for the National Stationery Show tomorrow morning!!! But before one-half of us hits the runway, we wanted to share with you our Must Have’s for the Graduate or Teacher in your lives.

Oh, the places you’ll go….



This Graduation Grab Bag from Of a Kind combines some of our favorite gifts, especially the YOLO notepad from Terrapin Stationers.

Even though most of the college kids will be connecting with their families through email, Skype and the like, help promote the life of handwriting through the gift of stationery.


For the ladies, check out the MARA-MI notecards (adore this one from the Reo Collection) found at their flagship store or any russell+hazel.

For the men, Terrapin Stationers provides many handsome options including…

Bodoni Initial Cap

You can even include a roll of stamps to make it more possible that these potentially unusual correspondences end up in your mailbox!

If there is ever a time to purchase a journal for a young adult, it would be now.

These beautiful Tome Leather Longstitch Journals from Twigg’s Bindery in Brooklyn might even trigger a college Freshman to take a seat at the student union between classes and reflect. We hope!!

To the Teachers who enrich our childrens’ lives each day…

07_PencilCase_Silver_87982Why not fill this lovely Leather Pencil Case from russell+hazel with fabulous pens and a Gift Certificate for a needed massage?

Summertime Desk

As much as they love the classroom, most teachers enjoy the change in routine with Summer break. Celebrate their needed time-off with the Summertime Desk stationery from Dear Hancock.


Emmett’s teacher will hopefully be delighted by this personalized Yellow Jotter Tray from russell+hazel, perfect to sit on top of her writing desk.


Last year I posted about a book that Emmett created for his teachers. Huge raves as you can imagine. It took a bit of time but definitely worth it. To keep things simple in this busy time of year, a handwritten note to a teacher is about the best gift of all. Scripted or scribbles, energy from a young hand will warm any heart.

See You Next Year


Vacation just kicked off yesterday afternoon for our children and we could not be more thrilled. Not much on the agenda for the next 16 days which is exactly what we need. That said, we are taking a brown ink vacation until a little bit into January with the intention to…

– Stay in our pajamas until the middle of the day

– Write letters to long lost friends

– Finally pull out the sleds and cross country skis (assuming the needed snow arrives!!!)

– Dust off the kids’ journals and reflect on the season

– Sit by the fire with cocoa, wine and lots of unfinished novels

– And basically tune out the world for a bit. Sounds like heaven to me right about now.



But how could we leave without mentioning a few things to help you all kick off your 2012 in a rockin’ and reflective way?

I took a leap this year. Instead of purchasing the ever sturdy Barnes & Noble Day Planner I decided to treat myself with the Mini 2012 SmartDate Set from Russel + Hazel. Does it mean a bit more writing initially? Oh yes, but isn’t that the point? And it’s a great excuse to become even more organized for the year ahead (I’m a closet Type A wanna be). Speaking of organization from R+H…

This elegant leather pencil case will not only keep you from going frantically crazy when searching for a pen and pencil but it will remind you of the importance of writing in the year ahead. Ha.


And while you’re at it, treat yourself to the most beautiful European pencils out there on the streets. This Pencil Set of 12 is topped with a Swarovksi crystal in a rainbow of colors and can also be found at Russell + Hazel.  The ultimate luxury.


And when you are sitting next to that cozy fire, give a shout out to your loved ones by wishing them a Happy New Year with these beautiful cards from Rifle Paper Co. (You can also find them at Paperista in Minneapolis).


When it comes down to it, our true hope for you is to find the small surprises and gifts awaiting for you which don’t cost a cent. Last week the boys and I headed to downtown Minneapolis to find Santa at Macy’s 8th Floor Santaland, an annual trip since I was their age. What a wonderful surprise it was to see Emmett, our almost 6 year old, not only sit on Santa’s lap for the first time but actually read from his wish list. I’m not sure if it was his new found courage or reading from his own writing which made my heart stop. Either way, these moments are what it’s all about.

Merry, merry and the best for 2012 from the Brown clan.