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An Instagram Summer

Tomorrow morning, in the midst of the chaos of a dozen 4 year-olds running around our backyard celebrating Oliver’s birthday (hurray for jumpy castles!), I hope to take a moment to breathe in the Fall Equinox, around 9:45 central time to be exact. It’s my favorite time of year, hands down.

This summer raced by with a pregnancy smack dab in the middle of it all. And somewhere along the line I found myself addicted to Instagram. I started using the app solely for brown ink but soon used this magical photo styling device for Brown Family moments.

So as I take in this new season, let’s look back, shall we, on the Summer of 2012’s written mementos.

Art on Eat Street

Love this concept at the new clothing store in Uptown, Motto

Brown Boys selling their hearts out at South Beach

Local & fresh at Kingfield Market

There she goes, our Ms. Beatrice

My daily breakfast in Manzanita, OR

Nothin’ like a handwritten card sent via instagram when your brain is mush due to new babe

If we had one of these in Mpls, this where you would find me

Another top notch market, this one on the Oregon coast

 Homemade goodness from our dear friend Amy

 Love the Moleskin tear sheet wallpaper at The Bachelor Farmer

A day to remember (nice letterpress, Jeani!)

Backyard madness pre-wedding

The Lowenthal-Walsh kids win for Best Original Wedding Gift Wrapping Paper

a few scribbles before Nicky took to the stage for wedding toast (although he never needs notes)

Back to Kingfield we go for some mouthwatering tomatoes

October wedding in Palm Springs, good times to come in the coming month. xo

Indigo I’s

The beginning stages of writing for many kids can be challenging. One way our son, Emmett, becomes even more excited to pick up a pencil these days is if color is involved. Why not make your “I’s” indigo if the option presents itself? A simple way we keep track of these pencils is with the PixieSpit Rainbow Roll. My friend Lisa, a talented local artist, has created the perfect pencil roll from using leftovers from her quilt making. Ooo la la. For that first child who might be a bit Type A, each pencil has its own home! You can catch PixieSpit on etsy or, if you happen to live in the Twin Cities, stop in at Handmade Arts from the Heart this Saturday or the Kingfield Holiday Market November 20th.



Speaking of soon (and unrelated to handwriting…apologies Nick), another talented lady, Michelle, from Pretty Mommy, will be hosting a Pop Up Shop this weekend at Spruce. This is a must if you have the time.


You now have no excuse to get a head start with holiday shopping my friends. And if you are able to support small businesses, more power to you!

Let the Alpine blast

“Drums please”. So begins “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, one of the catchiest and, in my and my boys’ opinion best, songs of all time. “Break to ya crib, change your clothes once more ’cause you’re invited to a barbecue that’s startin’ at 4”. If a better sentence about summer exists I’m not aware of it. If that song (to me at least) represents all that’s good about summer lyrically, then I’d have to say Farmer’s Markets does the same job for other senses.








My family and I are market folks and I don’t think a weekend passed this summer without one of us sneaking in a market somewhere. All those fruits and vegetables and venders combine to make a rich and satisfying summer brew of sights, flavors and sounds. And touch, too. Can’t forget about touch. Tough to beat the feel of a late season eggplant. Uff da. (The above LoveTree Farmstead Cheese and Bogart Loves Bakery are two of our favs.)

But this blog is more about handwriting than swiss chard so on we go. For me, the handwritten signs are as much a part of the overall market experience as the produce and people. Every market day those folks get out the chalk to tell the rest of us what’s good and fresh. The hand that writes each sign is unique – as can be the spelling – and is always changing just as what’s on offer is constantly changing week-to-week.








So when summer ends and we’ve been to our last market (Kingfield Market Oct. 30 was ours) I guess there’s a little bit of sadness. No more pea shoots or mini donuts for another 6 months. Sigh. But on the bright side, with shorter days comes more time indoors and that means, hopefully, more time with a pencil or pen and paper. I don’t have a musical bone in my body but if I ever write the song “Wintertime” the opening line will be “Pencils please”.