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weight of a word

Although many friends do their best to convince us, I give it small odds this family will ever cross that digital road to reading books on a screen. We get it. One can purchase novels quicker, travel lighter and save paper with the help of the nook, iPad and other devices, but hey, us Browns like the weight. And since we still loan books out fairly often, these come in handy….

Stamp activity kit from Yellow Owl Workshop makes it easy to customize a favorite novel

Bookplates from Jonathan Wright are striking and lovely

Rainbow Book Plates This Book Belongs To Labels Set of 15

And for your tweener who is craving books, how about this rainbow book plate?

However it’s presented, there is something about a book whose owner claims it’s theirs with a signature. It places a value which grows in time. This is how I feel when looking back at a Mother Goose book I cherished as a child. The backward E was part of my childhood along with this book.

So when Emmett’s school librarian gave him a bookplate attached to a Thank You Note, I smiled inside. His relationship with books has taken a turn and it’s time he claims his favorites…just in case his little sister decided to use it as a teething tool.


Never Too Early

We understand Halloween has yet to pass but why not start stocking up on fantastic deals for the holiday season before Jack Frost makes an appearance?

Last weekend we stopped into the men’s clothing store martinpatrick3 in downtown Minneapolis where I found a unique greeting card display.  One collection of cards which caught my eye was Jonathan Wright and Company. I checked them out online and adored their About Us statement. “Some say stationery has gone out of style, I beg to differ. In this world of increasingly rapid-fire and impersonal communications, receiving a tangible hand-writen note or inspired invitation has become even more meaningful. If fine social stationery has become a luxury, I say indulge.” Right on Jonathan.












I’m gaga over letterpress so the brown, fountain pen letterpress card punched me right in the gut.  I also adored the Christmas 1962 letterpress card which includes a vintage US Postage Stamp with the name and year of the stamp, along with a brief history on the back of the card. Perfect for any stamp junkies in the family.

But I digress. It’s your lucky day because this weekend the martinpatrick3 Stock Up for Winter Sale is going on with 20% off storewide. Run along now and make sure not to miss the beautiful, leather journal collection while you’re at it.

Speaking of sales, through Halloween night you can pick up your holiday photo cards at Paper Source for 25% off. Why not get a jump on the holidays and find the perfect card to send to your friends and family this season. That way come December you can actually watch It’s a Wonderful Life by the roaring fire and not be thinking about addressing all those holiday cards you need to mail. Ahhhh.