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new moves

On Sunday night, after four jam-packed days of family activities, my boys gave me the best surprise ever.

They began an interpretive dance to Iron and Wine’s Boy with a Coin using a few new movements such as strapping the seatbelt, driving the bus, zombie walk and my favorite, the pencil sharpener. Your guess is as good as mine as to where they learned to sharpen a pencil the old-fashioned way, but nevertheless, it made my heart flutter. Their creative juices were flowing with an old school twist!

The Whole Epokka Idea Book System Family

I can say the same with the couple behind Epokka Idea Book Systems. These folks have created a unique notebook system to capture it all in one place, simply inspired by creativity. Naomi and Koldo have combined their talents to create a notebook which organizes and enhances the different ideas and projects in one’s life. You’re also able to select which paper best suits your needs be it dot-grid, lined or blank sketch. Of course, all bright ideas need support so they’ve turned to Kickstarter with the hope of raising the money they need to go forward.

I actually thought this was such a cool idea I decided to be a backer for a small chunk of change. Why not support a small biz with a fresh idea which organizes our busy minds through handwriting? Especially when their mission statement reads “We want to bring back a time when innovation mattered, when playfulness was encouraged, and creativity was celebrated.” Creative juices, people. That’s what I’m talking about! Now go teach your child some old-fashioned moves.