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Spooky Scribbles

The ghosts and goblins are arriving in just one week but you still have a chance to invite the gang over for a last minute Halloween Party. And with these free Halloween downloads from Design Mom Gabrielle Blair, sending out invitations is a snip snap.


 Martha Stewart skeleton invitation will scare the skin off your guests


Nothing like a toe tag invite from blush printables

Or if you simply want to send a few spooky scribbles out to those you love…

…head to Paper Source where you can find all sorts of creepy stationery and stamps. It was a great excuse for Emmett to practice writing out his friends’ names too!

Don’t forget to make the envelope extra memorable with one of these scary stamps (only two day delivery). After much discussion, the boys decided on the Happy Halloween postage for their cards.

Before I begin my next project (stay tuned for more on the postcard swap!) let’s hear it for our guest bloggers by the way!! Thanks Alecia and Jenni. Way to get people to grab a pen.

Wedding Bells

My little sis is getting married this Sunday (YAHOO!!), as well as my dear college friend this fall (you go Jen!) so I’ve had weddings on the brain as of late. You know the best part about weddings these days? You can plan whatever you’d like – and there are many creative folks who are bringing a new energy to the big day with the addition of handwriting and sentimental touches.

This lovely country, free-spirited wedding was featured in a recent Vogue and it seems to be showing up on many blogs these days. In Montauk, the jewelry designer Pamela Love, and her partner created a personal feel to their day with a handwritten welcome sign and menu. Aside from the uber hippie bridesmaids (LOL),  I appreciate the simplicity and homemade spirit to the event.

Handwritten Vows

Simple Menu (just missing the presumed LOCAL and ORGANIC – ha.)

This wedding in Joshua Tree was all about personal touch.

The couple even provided typewriters to create love letters for the newlyweds!

Of course, what kicks off these events are the invitations.  The folks at Stationery Trends magazine feel the bridal market trend is to be both edgy and classic. With the former, people are either creating their own invitations (who has the time for this??) or finding a calligraphy or font that appear handwritten or handcrafted. Folksiness is hot!

Graphic designer and illustrator, Julie Song, created her own wedding invite by mixing watercolor details, different type style and garden details. The cursive painted names are just lovely.

Of course, if you are moving towards the Classic trend, letterpress is all the rage.

Here, Bella Figura has combined print and handwriting into their popular Country invitation.

For Sarah & Brian’s wedding this weekend, our talented friend Jean (whom I featured here) created a look which works well with the reception location at The Walker Art Center. Artsy but still personal.

For the bride who is in need of a bit of direction, Paperista has you  covered.

Last week I stopped into the store and found these classic cards for the wedding party from Tallu-lah. They think of everything these days.

Of course, you can find handwriting in some unconventional spots during a wedding.

Our friends, Gail and Phil, dug up a memento from their wedding night. Just before Phil’s brother was to give his toast, he decided the bathroom was the best place to gather his thoughts. Thus, a handwritten note on toilet paper. Classic (even at the Minikahda Club). I’m hoping to finish a handwritten toast for this Sunday night’s festivities prior to the event. I’ll be spending plenty of time nursing Bea in the bathroom so I just need to remember to pack a pen in the diaper bag!

Stationery Nirvana Part II

Soon after I posted Stationery Nirvana Part I last month I realized there were still remnants floating out there, from my stationery fog. So, naturally, I had to make the post a two part series. If it wasn’t for that darn National Stationery Show to showcase loads and loads of fantastic vendors, I would have just let it go until next year (when I hope to be drooling over the cards in person!!). Enjoy…

One of my favorite vendors is Wild Ink Press out of Chico, CA. It’s a husband and wife team (which is maybe another reason why I’m drawn to these two) who create their cards with three antique letter press machines and a letter cutter. Oh, and they also farm rice on the side. No joke.

Buttercream on my Cupcake

Antique Pakistan Tile

 Tractor Birthday Invitations

I love a good card that keeps you on your toes, especially when it comes to having a child. Look no further than west coast based FareWell Paperie.

You Had a Baby

Fawnsberg is a sister team who began their love of writing mailing letters to and from summer camp (sistas from my own heart). This bloomed into a lovely illustration and calligraphy stationery line.

Lake George

Bridgette – Wildflower

The guys from oddball press out of Cleveland, OH have a bizarre sense of humor meant for that right mate. A bit of tongue in cheek never hurts.

How Long 


The clever cards from Sapling Press caught my eye immediately when featured on a bunch of blogs chatting about the stationery show.

Sunglasses and Stevie Wonder

 Cake & Presents (isn’t that what it’s all about? ha.)

Sapling happens to sell their products in a stationery boutique in Chicago called Greer, which I’d been hoping to visit my last few trips to the windy city. Last month I happened to be in town for a quick overnight (last hurrah with Nick) and with one hour to kill I made a dash in the pouring rain to check out this beautiful store located in Old Town. It was well worth the manic taxi ride. This place is a gold mine with one of the best collection of stationery goods I’ve ever seen. A few goodies I picked up…

Dear Fork (my inspiration from Sapling Press)

Carrot and Stick Press

Telephone Pad from Rifle Paper Co (for those of us, including myself. who still like to leave handwritten messages if a family member misses a call!)

Crazy about these Indigo Blossom, letterpress square note cards from Brookfield 2


Sending Thanks from Anemone Letterpress

After returning from Chicago I was on a hunt for more local stores with unique cards. My luck, I happened upon Motto, a new boutique in Uptown which, aside from lovely home decor and clothing, happens to sell a line of cards new to me. I spoke with one of the owners, Maria Walker, who loved the idea of starting off by supporting one independent stationery company and was intrigued by Blue Barn House. Couldn’t help but leave with these beauties.

Elephant Forget

Mimosa me!

Cactus & Lizard Note Card 

As a bonus to all you readers who have made it this far into the post (big thanks!), there is a Summer Sale going on through July 13th at R. Nichols. Just enter the discount code SUMMER and receive 30% off everything on their website. Good time to stock up on holiday greeting cards, gift notes and more.

So off you go my card loving writers. Imagine how pleasant it would be if you had a few of these featured cards on hand the next time you notice the postman just parked down the block and you have 2.5 mins to write out a meaningful note!!

Hats Off to the Grads

It’s graduation time with pomp and circumstance and other glories of the season. Let the celebrations begin.

When I started noticing all the graduation party invitations in the stores this spring, I thought of Nick’s high school Graduation Party invites which he hand wrote on postcards. Thankfully my mother-in-law, Sally, photo copied them all before dropping them into the mailbox. I haven’t heard the inside scoop from either one but I have a feeling it wasn’t a long conversation as to who would be doing the writing. Here are a few samples…

I mean, seriously. Sweat, Sink, Ribmaster J? I have to believe the average parent is not familiar with the inside nicknames their graduating senior has for his or her friends. So make it personal and let the kids do the writing while you pick up the snazzy invitation from the below selection. You can also make it personal by picking up stationery which has meaning to the students’s life – Nick sent postcards created in Seattle, the town where he was born.

Keep Calm


Hats Off 


And a few gift ideas for the graduate…

This Carpe Diem Journal from Chronicle is perfect for any young adult juggling ideas of what the future might hold for them (noticed it at Bibelot in Linden Hills as well).


I love making lists so I’d be tickled to receive this one. We sent My Future Listography to Nick’s sister in Seattle who is graduating from high school and carries plenty of hopes and dreams in her mind (Congrats Ev!). This can be found at Paper Source or Chronicle Books.

I recently received this Where will you be in five years from today? journal as a gift from my friend, Alix, based on where I might be with parenting 5 years down the road (we met in a Parent Education class) but this could easily be for a graduate, an inspiration as to what lies ahead.

The All Out of Pad could be the perfect gift to that freshman who might be all out of ramen noodles but, more importantly, needs a new tube of toothpaste.


And to make sure they have no excuse not to write you a letter, send them off with stamped addressed envelopes and pencils enclosed in this airmail pouch.


This pencil case might even get a professor or a new employer to take notice.


And just a reminder of how memories of graduation and high school were captured many years ago, take a peek at Louida’s graduation scrapbook from the 1920’s. Quite lovely in its simplicity.

And off they go, hopefully with a pencil alongside their many electronic gadgets, in hand.

Healthy Hearts & Wedding Bells

The US Postal Service has jumped on the “healthy lifestyle” bandwagon with its latest Heart Health stamp, an effort to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy heart. Painted by artist and passionate runner, Nicholas Wilton, the stamp’s runner and elements surrounding him symbolize “vitality that comes from physical exercise, while a large red apple at the figure’s feet represent a well-balanced diet” states the Postal Service.

Although the Postal Service has promoted many health-related causes in the past, they’re now joining NBC’s The Biggest Loser to encourage viewers to mail letters of support to their favorite contestant while using the Heart Health stamp. What a fantastic idea to not only promote the purchase of stamps but also encourage snail mail rather than texting. So rare on reality television shows these days. You can watch this message to learn a bit more of you’re interested. Hey, anything to get people to write letters and support the Postal Service!

Speaking of the USPS, in last Sunday’s NY Times there was a great article on Wedding Stamps.

The Postal Service heavily relies on revenue from the many folks planning on marrying this year but the question still stands, will the engaged couple lean toward the traditional path and mail invitations rather than emailing attendees? The 2011 American Wedding Study found one in five couples are connecting with guests through email or evites which some believe are less expensive and environmentally pleasing.

When we were married in 2001 I don’t recall evites as even an option and emailing our attendees never entered our minds. Even if a wedding invitation is not printed on some fancy paper written in calligraphy, I feel the experience of receiving and opening an invitation to a wedding celebration can never be replaced with the digital age. And thankfully the Postal Service is keeping the Brides-To-Be pleased with some new and eye catching wedding stamps each year.