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30 Day Challenge

The other day on Instagram (I’m a bit obsessed) a friend mentioned a blogger who will begin a 30 Day Challenge on April 1st. Usually when you hear about this type of challenge you might think 30 Days of no wheat, sugar or alcohol or 30 Days of being positive or even 30 Days of intimacy or 30 Days of squats. Journaling for 30 Days might not be on the top of one’s list. But, much to my delight, this one is simply so. A challenge to take the time, pick up a pen and write for each day in the month April.

The Everygirl's 30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of Journaling #theeverygirl

For me, the timing could not be more perfect. Our lovely Portlandia rain is turning to snow right before my eyes and it seems like everyone I know is escaping the remnants of the polar vortex by heading South. But aside from hanging at home while I order garden seeds, creating homemade body scrubs, and keeping up with the store, I look forward to having some time to get back to my many faithful journals.

The creator of this challenge, Jessica Coffin from The Everygirl, is hoping to gain perspective into the repetition of life, finding a therapeutic pattern through this everyday ritual. We all find so many routines in each day but this one could actually make a significant change in ones life.


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If you decide to join the challenge, make sure to tweet or Instagram with #TEG30DayChallenge. And if you are still looking for a journal, check out our selection at the shop. I plan to jump in on the movement next Tuesday. It’s the right time to honor this period in my family’s life before Spring is in swing, then Summer flies away, and all of a sudden Fall begins, and I find myself wondering where the time has gone. My journals will be there to remind me.