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Birthing Story

My sweet Beatrice Brown is almost 18 months old. But no time like the present to finish writing her Birth Story. I actually began writing last spring when she was around 9 months while taking a class at Blooma, a pre and postnatal yoga studio my sister runs, called Writing Your Birthing Story. I had written a little about her birth soon after she was born but had not taken the time to break down the days and moments surrounding this little miracle.


In the two-hour class we were guided back to our child’s day of birth with soft lights, music, meditation, and a little yoga, in a loving, sacred space. With chocolate and tea on hand, I felt prepared and supported to relive the experiences of birthing my third and final child. Our teacher, Alyssa Blackwood, suggested we bring pictures, music, images‚Ķanything to help us remember bits of the experience. After some deep breaths and going inward, the words started to flow. I began to write and didn’t stop for a good 80 minutes.

Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone. Understandably so, many mothers who experienced traumatic labor and births find it difficult to relive the labor, the stress, all of it. Which is why Alyssa believes “the act of writing can help you process your labor experience, from the highs and lows, to the surprises, challenges, rewards, and funny or poignant moments.” Many tears were shed in the studio that evening as we sat supporting one another with no words exchanged.


Although I only had a few more lines to write to complete the Birth Story this afternoon, I loved rereading the details of the day when this sweet, little child came into our lives. And now I have given Beatrice the opportunity to create a picture in her mind of what went down on a sunny Monday morning at HCMC with a mighty team surrounding her mom and dad.

If you are interested in taking this class, find the next one here with Alyssa on January 31st. It’s a gift you are giving yourself, as well as your child, remembering an historical day in your lifetime through your written words. Cheers Blooma! It was the push I needed to document Bea’s Birth Story and move it from my head to paper.