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for the love handiemail

I accept there are some of you out there who simply prefer emailing a friend vs. using the old fashioned pen. Fine. But maybe you could put a little spin on your next correspondence and turn that electro-type into a written letter? ┬áThat’s what the people at Handiemail would like you to attempt.

All you need to do is email a letter to the folks at Handiemail and they will turn it into a handwritten version in just 3-5 days and also mail it to the recipient. Hey, it might not be your own handwriting but at least it’s handwritten. And it just might push that receiver to reply back with a handwritten letter. Oh my, can you even imagine!?

Oddly enough, Handiemail also provides the same service in reverse for those who aren’t so skilled with the computer yet still handwrite letters (must be a small market, no?). You can actually mail – no “e” there – Handiemail a letter which they will turn into an email. For the love of handwriting, we hope there are few of those people out there who would fit the bill on this one.

ps – brown ink will be sending one of you lovely subscribers a letter via Handiemail so make sure to tell us now it goes (thanks Ms. Heather).












pps – Lunalux is all about the monogram notecards at tomorrow’s Stationery Saturday. Get a jump on your holiday gifts!