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A Holiday in My World

Did you know today is a holiday? Honestly. Well, in my mind today’s National Handwriting Day should be an official, full-fledged, no school, and no screens kind of a holiday where everyone sits down at a pub, bus stop, or front steps and writes. I’m well aware my dreams are big. However, in honoring this day I’m revealing the expansion of my own letterpress line, Brown Ink Paper Goods!

mountains-2-1600x1600-3 copy

My love of letterpress stationery, while incorporating vintage printing blocks, has not slowed a bit since the launch of the store. Thanks to my dear friend Jean Glenn, from Pomegranate Press, we’ve come up with a beautiful line of cards for everyone for any occasion.

bolts-star-cross-3 copy

Many styles of the collection were revealed at NorthernGrade in November and were met with authentic excitement! I will be introducing more styles as the year unfolds so keep a look out.

CU-dog-1600x1600-2 copy
dipped-love-4 copy

Our new Valentine’s card from the With Love collection is hot off the press. Jean and I decided to give another level of personal touch to each card by dipping these beautiful cotton pieces into Cherry Kool-Aid. This Dipped Love is my new favorite by far!

jockey-1-1600x1600-3 copy

Here’s to keeping handwriting alive in anyway I can. Enjoy the holiday weekend fellow writers!