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How Does Your Garden Grow?

I ask myself that question every spring, trying to recall which annuals I planted the pervious year in our urns, including which dahlia tubers I picked out from the annual Bachman’s tuber sale and my favorite Two Pony Gardens.

So this year I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to record which plants, both annuals and perennials, have survived, thrived or disliked our backyard throughout the summer.

I had been eyeing this Moleskin Gardening Journal for the last few months up at Tangletown Gardens and broke down the last time I stopped by (needing to replace the many kale and swiss chard veggies destroyed by squirrels and other four legged critters… AHHH!!). I’m giddy about what’s inside this Moleskin. Aside from helpful information regarding leaf shapes, plant habitats, etc., the journal includes five themed sections such as notes on plants, garden design ideas and observations during garden visits, as well as blank tabs in the back for more creative, personal use. Now all I need to do is actually enter in the information before baby Brown arrives in a month.

There are many out there to select from…

I noticed the Lifestyle Notebook Gardening during my visit to MARA MI last month and was taken by the Japanese influence seen through its organized journal, shopping list, garden dictionary (in Japanese however), and seasonal plan sheet. Very fang shui.


Gardener Cathleen Hands decided to design and sell this journal after many friends and students praised her for the homemade journal she brought to class. The water resistant Garden Journal has everything you need for an organized garden with monthly planning sheets and a pouch to hold seeds, and the helpful coil binding provides a strong surface to write. This gardener knew what she was up to!

There is always the classic Archie Grand notebook, Gardeners I Met and Liked, which is an ideal size when taking notes while wandering through the MN Landscape Arboretum, Brooklyn Botanical Garden or Portland’s Rose Gardens. Or your neighbor’s backyard.


Or for the artistic gardener, this light-hearted garden journal from cartoonist Brave Mable would suit their green thumb marvelously.

Now if only my new journal would get rid of those kale-eating little buggers.