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On the Road with Power & Light Press

A few years ago when I was first determining which artists would work well within the Brown Ink Paper Goods aesthetics, I came across the one-of-a-kind woman, Kyle Durrie, from Power & Light Press at the National Stationery Show.

frankie and the press

Both her taste and her exploration as a young adult made her a shoe-in for the store. I recently connected with Kyle, our current Featured Designer, to hear a more about what makes her move. Check out the story here and continue to follow me via Instagram as I connect with both new and seasoned designers at the show this year!

Georgia on my Mind

With the recent and celebrated arrival of Spring, it’s a perfect time to debut our new Featured Designer, Brown Parcel Press out of Sparta, Georgia. The moment I caught on to the talented owner and designer, Megan Fowler, I was completely hooked by her letterpress goods.


Check out our most recent additions to her this beautiful, handmade line! And maybe pause, just for a moment, to think about who in your life could use a good pick-me-up, not only by the beauty in the card but by your handwritten thoughts. Happy writing friends.

Girl’s Got Talent

With Brown Ink Paper Goods opening for business soon, we wanted to share with you a little preview of good things to come.  Since we carefully selected the lines which will be sold on our site, we were given the opportunity to connect with the designers on a more personal level. We felt it was important to share with our readers the history and passion found in the lives of the designers.

A Featured Designer page was created for just this reason, which can be found on the bottom of the Home Page.


Every few months a new designer will be featured on the Home Page. To kick off our very first Featured Designer, we are honored to dive into the life and work of book binder Jonna Twigg from Twigg’s Bindery.  Jonna has been a supporter of Brown Ink from the first moment we connected and even came up with the idea to create a journal design exclusive to our store. You’ll have to read her story to get to know her products, but believe us, you will be blown away by her beautiful, hand-made work.



We encourage you to take the time to get to know our designers. We believe the more one understands the background to each product, both how and why a piece was created, the more one will appreciate and value these goods when they get into your hands.