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Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Indeed!! As you may have noticed, Brown Ink recently launched a new site with the addition of Paper Goods arriving this Fall. Nick and I have been enjoying the process of creating the new site and we’ve been fortunate to have a brilliant team of players around us. A big round of applause to Kate Arends from Wit & Delight who ran the Brand Developing, Eric Price from The Walker Art Center is the Graphic Designer, Scott Anderson at Room 34 is the Developer, and Louisa Podlich from Louisa Marion Photography who shot our images. Thanks to everyone for the talent, creative juices and energy surrounding Brown Ink!!

The Paper Goods store has been an idea swirling inside my brain for the past year. After last year’s National Stationery Show, many blogs featured stationery lines new to me. At the same time, I saw several small, one-man-band companies found only in a handful of boutiques or online. Which was when it dawned on me…Brown Ink needs to provide the opportunity for others to enjoy these lovely products too!! But alas, you must hold your excitement until the Fall when our e-commerce store will open.

We thought we’d give you a sneak preview of last week’s New York trip where I met dozens of charming paper lovers and suppliers!!

My dear friend Jean Glenn from Pomegranate Press and I about to inhale a sea of booths!!!


It was a treat to meet St. Paul gal, Catherine Polacek from Printerette Press. Check out her fabulous note pads which debuted at the show.

National-Stationery-Show-2013-Oh-So-Beautiful-Paper-Printerette-Press-30-550x366 National-Stationery-Show-2013-Oh-So-Beautiful-Paper-Printerette-Press-2-550x366

The stationery and prints at Banquet atelier & workshop were even more beautiful in person!!



Bright colors and Aztec were strong themes at the show seen here at Anemone Letterpress


The Yellow Owl Workshop booth was not to be missed with hand-painted, rainbows of color. I’m a bit crazy over their selection of stamps!

National-Stationery-Show-2013-Oh-So-Beautiful-Paper-Yellow-Owl-Workshop-1-550x366 National-Stationery-Show-2013-Oh-So-Beautiful-Paper-Yellow-Owl-Workshop-14-550x366 National-Stationery-Show-2013-Oh-So-Beautiful-Paper-Yellow-Owl-Workshop-12-550x366

One of my favorite new lines was Sideshow Press which used outdoor camping as their inspiration.



If you’d like to experience even more from the Stationery Show, head to Oh So Beautiful Paper where Nole Garey and her team captured the event remarkably well (so much so, it was impossible to not use a few of her images!!). I promise to highlight a few more of my favorites from the show in the month ahead.

The day before the show I had the chance to meet two inspirational women creating paper treasures from their home studios in Brooklyn. Artist Jonna Twigg creates unbelievably gorgeous journals, both leather and fabric bound, for her Twigg’s Bindery line.


And the poised Emily Johnson from hartland brooklyn left her career in the fashion industry to design stationery full time.


I also had the chance to check out paper goods scattered throughout New York, one of my favorites being Greenwich Letterpress, where they sell their own line as well.


Lastly, a thanks to you, readers, for staying with us on this journey!! Here’s to a summer of writing, wonder, and expectations of good things to come from Brown Ink.

Peter Pan

There is something about the Peter Pan ride at Walt Disney World which continues to give me a thrill. As many times as I ride in that ship, flying high above the lights of London, I never get tired of the feeling. And this is exactly how I feel about writing out the word Mom. I’ve had the chance more often these days. Sometimes on lunch box notes, or writing in the kids’ journals. But it always feels so fresh to me.


I often can’t believe I am writing this word down. How did I get so fortunate to become a mom? Do I really have three kids? Breathe in, breathe out. That’s sometimes how I feel when I write the word Mom. It’s an emotion like none other, achieved through the simple act of writing three letters.

A Year to Remember

2012 has gone by in a blink for our family as well as for brown ink. Although it felt brief, it was a memorable one. We thought we’d mention a few highlights which will stay with us throughout the coming year.

Food seems like a good place to start. As soon as we mention handwritten recipes on our blog, we receive loads of homemade treats.





Instagram made out-of-town Birthday Wishes that much easier!! (even written ones)


We cheered for the noticeable trends in favor of writing. Obviously when Gwyneth starts featuring journals (this one designed with help from iomoi) on her blog, handwriting has got to be up there on the “It  List”, right?

Even clothing designers began partnering with stationery lines such as the relationship between Club Monaco and Terrapin Stationery. Way to jump on the stationery train you trendy folks you.

Many images will stick in our minds as meaningful this year. One came from our friend Alecia, whose niece was battling cancer.

Phoebe sent this hand made card out to friends, thankful for the support. Truly an inspiration.

Speaking of Alecia, brown ink had the gift of featuring guest bloggers this past year including Alecia, Jenni and Lisa. Their outlooks on handwriting, stationery and to-do lists were brilliant. Thanks again ladies!

We also appreciated friends sharing their brown ink moments during the year. Our friend Jill came back from a visit to her parents home in Washington with these images…



The mailbox is perched up on a little hill, perfect for curious minds to check on mail delivery. How magical!

IMG_0910From sticky summer handwritten popsicle stand signs to…


letterpress wedding invitations,


and the first time Baby Beatrice’s name was seen on paper,

IMG_1467there were plenty of written highlights through out 2012!!

And much to look forward to in 2013. Here’s hoping the written word will continue to stay present in your daily lives. Now on to my first entry in the 5 Year Journal.

One last image to take away with you from this year, and it comes from outside the world of writing. Aside from the oft-played Portland Proposal in our home office, this video from Olafur Arnalds Haegt reminds us to continue to find the light in the darkest of times. There is so much more to discover in the coming year.


The month of September has been one of the busier times in my life. Between hosting a wedding ceremony as well as a dance party/taco truck/b-day party for a friend, family visiting from Seattle, and Oliver’s birthday party, this family has been on GO mode. I would not have changed a single thing. But now, I am ready to be still.

The funny part is, I’m not sure this is even realistic in my present life while managing a house filled with three kids. Go figure. However, I will do my best to simplify my life. Some people might react to this thought with “emailing vs. letter writing will sure save you time.” And although they might be right, that’s not part of my master plan. Instead, I will find ways, manageable ways, to keep up with the writing without losing sleep.

Idea #1 – The Document Folio from Letter Writers Alliance

I can’t even begin to tell you how useful this bag became this summer. Between swim lessons, park outings, plane rides, I always had my pouch from LWA on hand when I needed to shoot off a birthday card, thank you note, or generic postcard. The key was to supply it with enough postage, stationery and pens to stock me up for battle.  And this small bag is the perfect size and weight for all I needed.

I also include a tiny address book with all my friends’ & family’s addresses on hand. I found this one at a Minneapolis boutique years ago but they’re not hard to find.

Idea #2 – Buy Postage online

I am happy running errands but these days my time is limited. So, when I enter the neighborhood Post Office to find a line out the door and only one or two postal workers behind the counter, it’s hard to not let out a major sigh and do a 180 (it’s what we get for paying all those bills online). One great solution, which I’ve thought about for awhile but never taken the initiative, is buying stamps online. And lo and behold, it’s the easiest process. The shipping is less than it costs you to drive to the post office.

Once I went online I was blown away by the variety of stamps offered. I had no clue the USPS sells custom stamps which you can’t find in the post office. They’re twice as much as the 45 cent forever stamps but, hey, it does make your letter stand out from the rest of the stack.


The Candy Corn stamps are Ollie’s favorite but I prefer the Autumn Treasures.

Crazy about these Hand Turkey Custom stamps


You can get a jump on your holiday cards by ordering the Santa and Sleigh right now. Talk about simplfying your life. Bring on the snow.

As I go forward with this idea to simplify, finding the time to write cannot be pushed aside. I have this gut feeling…life is not going to be any less crazy even with a slower social schedule. I’m up for the challenge. Let the writing continue.