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Two Oranges

On New Year’s Eve my friend Alison brought our family a thoughtful hostess box full of goodies, including two oranges and a recipe for Orange Cake. She mentioned this was her most recent “go to” cake – Lucky us! Now to give you a little back story, Alison is always whipping up something new in her kitchen. While I’ve printed dozens of e-mailed recipes we’ve exchanged, I’ve received only a few written ones over the years.


A few days later I baked my first Orange Cake and nearly burned the house down. However, with more winter “vacation” days back at home than expected (thanks to temperatures way below zero) I ended up baking quite a bit. Now, I can’t get enough of this insanely spectacular cake. Aside from the fresh taste and spongy, dare I say moist, texture, I think of Alison every time I make this yummy circle of goodness. I see her letters, I see her abbreviations, her one typo, her unique “a”‘s, and her all-lowercase letters. I think of her kitchen and all the calming effects it has on each visitor. I also think of her kindness and for taking the time to write down one of her recent “keepers” which is now part of my permanent collection. It’s kind of amazing what a simple written recipe will bring out of an individual, a little window into their world; a piece of themselves to another through writing. So transparent yet moving. 


So as I baked two Orange Cakes yesterday, one for a coffee date with a group of friends and another for a Ladies evening gathering, I decided to include a few written recipe cards (lucky for me I had some on hand!) for anyone interested. In the end, the cakes were a hit but even more so, my friends were delighted to take home a new recipe. I don’t assume they’ll think of me every time they make the cake but I know I’ve given a part of myself, my love of Orange Cake, my love of baking, and my love of writing to each one.

P.S. To check out the origin of the Orange Cake head to elana’s pantry. yum yum.