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happily hooked

I surrendered. After months of going against the masses, I finally caved on Sunday afternoon and began to immerse myself in the lives of the characters on little old Downton Abbey. I think I was tired of hearing, “You’re NOT watching Downton Abbey?” from most family and friends who, like me, are hooked on fantastic series such as Mad Men and Homeland.

The Cast of Downton Abbey

I should have known it was going to suck me in! After just finishing the fifth episode of Season 1 I’m a happily hooked fan. The music, the clothes, the castle, the accents, it’s all appealing. To be honest, I’m usually not a classical film fanatic. That said, there’s something about these lives which take us to another era, to a time of simplicity and serenity. A time when people sipped tea and made time together.

But what I love most are the letters. They play a leading role in all their lives. Letters begin relationships as well as create potential disaster which effects everyone.¬†These letters hold proof of the feelings people have for one another and are used as blackmail. Letters threaten jobs, marriages, livelihood… And then consider the lag between the posting of a letter and when it’s actually read. Circumstances can alter adding a little Edwardian intrigue to any situation, even today.

Downton Abbey S3E2 a letter from a dead man

It reminds me of the days at summer camp when you were anxiously awaiting a letter. So much excitement when it arrived and anticipation of what news you might soon read. It also reminds me that it’s OK to not have all the answers at our fingertips right when you need them. Patience is something our family is working on. Downton Abbey suggests the Browns should slow it down. We might just hold the written words in our next correspondence a bit more tighter, reading it a second or third time.

Off to finish Season 1…By the way,¬†for you true Downton Abbey fans, what’s up with the dry skies in England? I spent a very wet college semester in London and the rainiest spring in history “baby bjorning” Emmett around South Kensington. I can’t recall a scene where anyone in the Crawley family or the servants are even carrying a brelli. Was there a drought around 1912 I am unaware of ?