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End to Summer

As Back-to-School sales are finally behind us and we find ourselves digging up the last veggies from the garden and pulling out sweaters hidden in the closet, there’s one item which needs a bit of attention before the Fall Equinox arrives next Tuesday…the end of Summer Thank You note. Pardon? You’ve never heard of such a thing? Oh, it’s real alright. And awaiting your attention.

Cut back to Labor Day weekend, I found myself thinking of all the people who influence our lives in the Summer months…the family friend who provided a connection to a unique internship, the neighbor who hired your son to mow her lawn, the CSA farmer who delivered your weekly box of goodness, the grandparent or nanny who took great care of your children with loving care. These individuals need to be reminded of one’s gratitude for their actions.

About this time I happened to run into my friend Donna Erickson and she was curious how I go about inspiring my kids to express thanks to their grandparents for the all the sleepovers, park dates, ice cream making, and other adventures which unfold over the Summer months.




We soon started sharing ideas which lead to her lovely article in Sunday’s Pioneer Press (see entire article on her FB page) with tips for both Pre-School and grade school children on what and how to write, using images, stamps, photographs…the options are endless. Make it simple with a Thank You stamp pad for the younger kids or find pictures in a magazine which represent Summer memories.

Many-Thanks-Stamp-Set_01_massiveIn the end, whatever you write or create will be appreciated, especially when the recipient may not be expecting such a note in the mailbox. Be it adults or children, keeping the Thank You note alive has value. It’s the time, the action and the thought which go into, as Donna mentioned, two small and simple words; thank you.

Black & White for brown ink

Last month I was introduced to Donna Erickson, a contributor to the Pioneer Press and fellow blogger. One thing led to another and before I knew it, Emmett and I were being interviewed for her weekly article. Yes, brown ink has made it to the old-school, black & white paper. Cheers Donna.

The article, Give Your Kids a Hand in Writing a Thank-You Note for Teacher, is about an idea Emmett and I had about wanting to thank his teachers, in a personal way, for their year together. As I have mentioned before, I personally do not carry a crafty gene but once this idea took off there was no stopping the possibilities. Even if we hadn’t created a book, a handwritten card from a child to a teacher is priceless. Now write!