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A Good Trio

Rain, flowers, and Mother’s Day season. A pretty ideal trio in my world (well, ideally no rain on the actual holiday but not minding the soothing, non-stop pitter-patter today!). And when it comes to Mother’s Day, cards and flowers are all I honestly want…and maybe an hour of alone time with the Sunday Times and a Dogwood latte…with an Egg & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich from Sun Street Breads por favor (a bit of a subtle hint, sorry family!). Did I mention a mimosa?



With my love of celebrating the Mother figures in all our lives, we’ve added Mum’s Day cards at Brown Ink Paper Goods. One from our favorite Portland, Oregon stationery lines, Quill & Fox, and the others from Rifle Paper Co. Yes Yes!! Brown Ink recently launched this line out of Winter Park, Florida. Being a fan for years, I couldn’t wait until the National Stationery Show to place my order. The products we selected are recently new to Rifle Paper. With such amazing illustrations, their products hold an exquisite balance of hand-painted illustrations and timeless lettering, while creating each piece as environmentally friendly as possible. I once read an article in Sous Style about Anna Bond, one of the co-owners, where the designer mentioned part of her creative process is to write down her thoughts in journals before starting to paint anything. “It’s funny because most of my sketchbooks are just filled with words.” It all comes around.



 Returning to Mother’s Day cards, another heartfelt option is to purchase a card which gives back to an organization such as the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery.


 This card honors the recipient with a donation made to the Crisis Nursery, a gift that will continue to give. There might be no better and easier way to spread thankfulness on this day.

If you are looking for additional gift ideas….


…you will find us here along with other local friends at the elegant yet always comfortable Room No. 3 on May 7th to enjoy bubbly, juices, tunes and some pretty awesome give-aways.


And don’t forget to purchase tickets to our Hamms Event a week from Saturday!! #HAMMS2014

 So start some seeds, buy a card, and write. In the end, the words become our most valuable gift.

12 and Telegraph

Coffee and writing have, for the most part, always been important to me albeit not always at the same time. When I was growing up I wrote all the time and kept doing so all the way into college where I majored in English. In  college all the sophisticated types, whether intellectual or not, drank coffee. Lots of it. I couldn’t stand the stuff.

As I was figuring out what in the world I was going to do with my English degree post-graduation I started pouring coffee as a new team member, or barista, as they’re now known (I think), at a small local company (that ended up getting a lot bigger). It’s safe to say I picked up (and have continued) a pretty intense coffee habit during my time at the company but as my coffee drinking increased my writing pretty much stopped altogether. Over my six years there I worked in the stores, dabbled in real estate (which allowed me to spend a good chunk of time in Detroit where I discovered the Star Deli on 12 and Telegraph), and I when I left I was a “financial analyst” which was a title that I kind of made up. But at no point during my tenure did I do much writing which my over-caffeinated brain found bothersome.

Now that I’ve been in my current career for twelve years I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that creative writing just isn’t something that people do in their everyday jobs. Clearly there are jobs out there where writing is core to one’s profession, a writer for instance, but there aren’t too many of them. I mean I write every day, a lot, but the majority of what I write are notes I’m taking while talking to folks on the phone. Not terribly creative stuff.

Which is a long way of saying I may have found my next calling, roasting coffee. My best friend owns Dogwood Coffee Company and they honestly roast some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. It’s insane how good it is. But the cherry on top are the handwritten notes they make during the roasting process.

Every micro varietal gets a different treatment and every batch is, by definition, a little different based on a zillion factors. Most of it is inside baseball to me now but I’m a decent learner so perhaps someday the combination of writing and coffee may feature even more prominently in my day-to-day goings on.