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The Beating Heart

One week to go, still plenty of time to find or create the Valentine’s Day card that suits you and your sidekick best. 


Sycamore Street Press crosses their X’s and circles their O’s with this cheerful celebration of love created by hand with an intricate copper foil stamping.

Letterpress Valentine Card - i love you - My Favorite script

A good reminder to that person in your life you couldn’t live without, thanks to Steel Petal Press.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about the simple heart. And Banquet Atelier & Workshop out of Vancouver has it nailed with their Neon Pink Heart Card, pure and simple.

Printable Valentines | Camille Styles

Who can resist an easy and free downloadable template when time is short? Camille Styles is here to save the day with the simple but tasteful printable cards!

If you want to create a memorable Valentine’s card, place it in one of these fabulous dyed bags.

OSBP DIY Tutorial Dip Dye Heart Bags 45 DIY Tutorial: Dip Dye Heart Favor Bags

Oh So Beautiful Paper makes it look simple enough to create these beauties, used on Valentine’s and throughout the year!

Here’s one for the romantic brought to us from Design Sponge; create a catalogue of love.


Using library cards, replace the book numbers with important dates in your lives. Of course, these could always be handwritten vs. typed. The point is to collect the important moments in one location which will last for generations to come.

If you are still looking for ideas, check out these paper goods in our recent post from Brown Ink Paper Goods to give you a hand (guaranteed delivery by Thursday if you order by next Tuesday!)

Don’t forget you Minnesotans, lots of love tomorrow over at Mille for the first Makers Market…


 We’ll have our Valentine’s selection and other featured goods waiting to be loved. Come swing by, fill your cup with bubbly, and let that beating heart be warmed on a chilly, sunny day.

Naming Thankful Moments

Traditions bring a calmness and renewed spirit to my life. A few years ago I started a new tradition over Thanksgiving by asking our guests to write down something they were thankful for over the past year. The following year I placed their original thoughts underneath their dinner plate as well as a new card to fill out. It was a total hit.


It was a time of personal reflection during what can be a chaotic and energetic tradition, the Thanksgiving meal. This year, if they wish, our guests will once again fill out a new card (found these Thankful Cards at Paper Source this year), document their gratitude from the past year, and be reminded of how life may have changed over the past year by reading their 2012 Thanksgiving Thankful Card. It’s a gesture guests will appreciate.

Name cards are another way to bring a personal touch to your table and it doesn’t need to be complicated. To accent your place card, grab a dozen pears or clementines or head outside to find natural goodness around you!

Fragrant Herb Bouquet

thanksgiving place cards 2

Kumquat Kabob

Thanksgiving Place Cards 1

Brown Ink Paper Goods also sells perfect place cards for your Thanksgiving feast setting (Still plenty of time, shipping is on us for these pretty things!)

So before you head off to pick up the turkey and puree the pumpkin, take a look at my favorite pics from Design Sponge’s Thanksgiving Table series where they’ve showcased beautiful settings created by fellow designers over the past few years. Inspirational to say the least!

Eddie Ross gets creative by using walnuts for place cards



Brilliant use of piano music by House of Brinson



Stamped place setting cards created by children (designers Rinne Allen & Lucy Allen Gillis)


Known for his nature-filled aesthetic, John Derian believes place cards create an even flow on the table. Here he uses his own name cards to create his charming Thanksgiving table.

Austin-based Spartan keeps the fuss out with this pared down yet warm setting

Designer Matt Armendariz uses wrapping paper tied to gourds with blue string.


My favorite store in Portland, OR, Alder & Co. keeps the table minimal yet stylish. I love the salut! name cards with the simple gold bell attached.

Keep it simple for Thanksgiving, maybe create a new tradition and reflect just a bit before enjoying that second or third piece of pie.


You can smell it in the air. A mix of excitement for people joining together, breathing in the seasonal air and letting out a big Ahhhhh while reminding one another all there is to appreciate in life.Easy Fall Arrangement

Last year I began the tradition of asking our guests to fill out a card with a thankful thought from the past year. As people reflected on the year, conversations brewed over all that had taken place and all that we hold dear to our hearts. Tomorrow they will have a chance to reflect again on what they have felt appreciative for over last year. 

If you have time to stop by Paper Source you can grab these cards or just make them up at home with colored paper. Daily Candy knocked off my idea (yeah right) with their own version, a gratitude jar, which again creates a time to reflect. That does not happen often enough these days.

What other ways can you spice up the table with a personal handwriting touch? Handwritten place cards are wonderful gesture to make your guests feel important. Tonight the plan is for the boys to sit down with festive stamps and leaves at hand and let loose on the place cards. But if you are looking for a more personal, adult touch and have a sewing machine handy…

…these stitched place cards are pretty spectacular! Or even grab a bunch of lemons to use as place card holders and add a scripted Aunt Lucy to bring a burst of color to the table.


Trivia on Thanksgiving? That’s a way to keep the converstaion going with Uncle Frank who would rather chat about his hunting adventures this fall. Our reliable Martha Stewart even created a template to download to make it easy to create even this evening.

The Thankful Tree

This Thankful Free can welcome the guests with autumn colors and a perfect way for one to express what they are grateful for in their lives.

These I Am Thankful printables could be used for decorations, a napkin ring or another conversation piece on all there is to appreciate.

But we must think about the kiddos, right?

Simple Lovely created a great idea to keep the kids busy during the meal and also scribble out a a few thoughts of their own.

You can never go wrong with crayons and paper at the kids table! Make it simple. Or…

Bring out the rainbow of colors for celebration like the folks at Design Sponge are all about. Over the top for some, perfect for others.

Where ever you do find yourself tomorrow, we hope you find a few of those Ahhhhh moments when you squeeze that person beside you and remember that even in the midst of the unknown we truly do have so much about which to be grateful.