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Giving Thanks

With next week being Thanksgiving it’s natural to be thinking of all the ways I feel thankful for those around me. How about stepping out of your box and reminding a certain someone just how much they mean to you by sending one of these beautiful, hand-drawn artwork cards from Mr.Boddington’s.










A few other favorites….







       Rifle Paper                                                                      CoolJane


This will be our third year hosting Thanksgiving, a tradition I adore. While our kid’s eyes will be glued to the Macy’s Day Parade, the smells of the kitchen will start brewing and continue until the last coffee cup is washed and slice of pumpkin pie is devoured. One new tradition I plan to add this year is asking each guest to jot down what they are thankful for over the past year on these cards from Paper Source. I’ll hold our guests thoughts in the attic until Thanksgiving ’12 when they’ll be reminded of their thoughts of this year and ponder how another year flew by.

Satsuma Press also has sells a unique way of listing what you are thankful for this year.


And if handwriting is just not your “thing” this holiday, we hope you find an outlet to share your blessings with others in whatever style that feels right. With our boys, they’ll be screaming “OOOOOO the Lord is good to me…” at the top of their lungs no doubt.

Gobble Gobble.