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Stop the season. Summer is halfway over and I have yet to remind readers my love and the importance of camp letters! As I shared last year, aside from talent shows and singing in harmony around the campfire (you think I’m joking?), nothing brought more happiness than receiving a written letter at camp. A simple reminder that someone back home is thinking of you can bring joy to any camper, especially in today’s digital world.

Packing pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes with colorful notecards and unique stamps is probably all you need. However, if you supply a child with camp-themed stationery it might be just the trick to get them to share a wee bit more of their adventures while away from home.

Anne Marie from Scout’s Honor Co created a summer theme to her recently released stationery. I adore the Summer Camp card set as well as the Bait + Trail set, both perfect for camp letters.

Image of Summer Camp Card Set

Image of Bait + Trails Card Set

Personalize your stationery with these Campfire & Tent themed cards.

For the enthusiastic letter writer, this letterpressed camp stationery from Fawnsberg is perfect for young people to share all the details of their activities.



My Camp Adventure Stationery seals the deal with a Summer Camp 2013 sticker!

 Sideshow Press is entirely Camp-themed (can’t wait to be selling some of their fabulous goods this fall!). A camper would go crazy for the Canoe Pencil Case filled with Message Pencils.



When packing their duffle don’t forget to throw this Sunshine Journal (filled with awesome craft paper), Paddle Postcards, and a Patch card with a message sharing how proud you are of your child venturing “away” camp. They can wear their badge of honor when camp is finished!




Why shouldn’t learning to write letters be among one of the independence-building experiences your child brings home this year? Who knows, they might even come home with their first pen pal.

Are You Ready for the Summer?

I lived for summer camp as a kid and was fortunate enough to experience a variety of sleep away camps…music camp, girl scout camp, farm camp, YMCA camps, church camps. Aside from the talent shows, roasting s’mores, and paddling through some of the most lovely, crystal clear Wisconsin lakes ever, nothing came close to the daily mail. Don’t get me wrong, I was camper with a smile from ear to ear all day long, but being far from home for a few weeks at a time one starts to wonder what her best friend was up to or how her family was spending their days.

Every day after lunch I’d race to ‘mail call’ and cross my fingers for a correspondence from back home. So when I went online to check out my old favorite wilderness camp in northern Wisconsin, Camp Manitowish, I was a bit surprised to find a link to Camp-O-Gram. It’s basically a fast way to communicate with your child via email letter rather than old-school mail. The staff prints the email and delivers it with the daily U.S. Post. That’s all well and good but even today I would still rather receive the real deal, signed/sealed/delivered, and I hope my kids would as well.

So how do you get your children motivated to write you? Try out these options.

Love the Ecojot Camp Stationery from Paper Source with the cheery layout and perfect lines for the young writer.

Your little campers will have no excuse not to send a note or two back home with this 50’s style Camp Correspondence Set from Yellow Owl Workshop. Love the old-school feel!!

PH Design Shop sells the ultimate Camp Stationery Set which even includes stamps, custom mailing labels AND compass buttons for the adventurous ones.

Crazy about theses personalized Postcards from Camp created buy Laza Flair.  And while you are on her etsy store…

You can order a Personalized Summer Camp Journal for your camper. It will make the memory writing feel that much more special. Send it off in a care package to arrive soon after they have settled into their cabin, a reminder someone is thinking of them back at home.

The eco-friendly Camp Journal from Paper Source can hold all those adventures a camper might not even want to share with her favorite bunk mate.


For the true “tripper” as we referred to them at Manitowish, the Water Proof Journal will come in handy especially on that wet portage when your boot got stuck in the mud and your gear was soon soaked. Good times.


Of course there are the kids who might not always be loving the camp scene. You can find a collection of real life letters in P.S. I Hate it Here which share some classics moments…

So here’s to the memory making at camp. And if you’re not in that paddling through the woods spirit just yet, here’s a little song to leave you with…

Good old Meatballs. Sorry. It’s the camper in me.