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It’s That Time of Year

Bear with me on this one folks…a few things to hash out. Lots going on.

First off, I’m loving the weekend media these days. If we are home on Sunday mornings I can’t take my eyes off the CBS Morning Show. Thankfully, (and surprisingly), this past weekend’s program included a feature all brown ink followers would appreciate. It’s a story of a man, David Rees, who sharpens pencils for a living. That’s his gig. And boy, does he have passion. It’s worth the 5 minutes and 44 seconds to watch him in action.

And for the pencil junkie in your life, pick up one of his books, How To Sharpen Pencils, for a holiday gift. Perfect for those who still believe in a fine #2.

Of course, there is no one quite like Garrison Keillor to capture the season with the perfect words. This is taken from his A Prairie Home Companion “The News from Lake Wobegon” segment from last Saturday’s show:

“It’s a good time of year to sit by candlelight. Everything is better by candlelight, you know that. Sit by candlelight, bake a little bread, listen to some choirs on the radio. And write a letter to someone on a piece of paper with a pen to somebody who would appreciate that. It’s that time, that time of year. That’s the news from Lake Wobegon where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, all the children are above average.”

Like Garrison says, it’s that time of year. And before December 1st kicks in this Saturday, take a look at these fantastic DIY advent calendars from oh happy day.

I understand, there is only so much time in a day, only so much one can do. Try finding a moment to notice the beauty this time of year, put the lists aside and while you’re at it, grab that sharpened pencil and take Garrison’s advice. Write a letter while your mate bakes the bread.

#2 Making a Come Back

Over the past few years the American Made trend is showing its face in many different arenas and one item that symbolizes this movement is the American made pencil.  Just when the last teenager has received his or her laptop or iphone, the longstanding #2 pencil is finding its way back into the old jean back pocket. Or so we hope.

One Saturday afternoon this past month Nick and I scooped up Oliver and headed to Northern Grade, a Pop Up Men’s Market held every September in NE, Mpls, where everything sold is American Made. The three of us had a blast sampling coffee from Intelligentsia, pancakes from Buckshot Sonny’s, and peeking at beautifully made shirts from Taylor Stitch. (Lucky for me, the local St.Paul store, BlackBlue, had one women’s item for sale,  a 1979 REI pumpkin colored windbreaker which fit perfectly. Score! )

Tellason, a jean vendor from San Francisco, was handing out #2 pencils made in San Francisco. Not only is it a free advertising  handout but it completely grooves with an all American product.  This is not the first time I was handed a #2 pencil while shopping. Last May in Los Angeles I stopped into Alternative Apparel and, once again, a #2 pencil was waiting for me at the check out. In this case the clothes are not American made but the general idea is  back-to-basics.


So the question is, are we actually using these pencils or do they sit in our glove compartment or junk drawer waiting for the biannual cleanup? Personally, it’s difficult to throw out pencils. For one, our kids become giddy when we take out the electric pencil sharpener. And two, we actually use pencils in our house quite a bit especially since there are now three writers at home. I feel content knowing there is a future for these leaded friends at our house.

I should mention, the one exception in tossing out a #2 is when Ollie decides to chew off the end eraser. Sorry, but that kind of kills it!

Anyone else out there notice the pencil trend or feel pangs of guilt when tossing out the unused #2?