Another One to Cross Off

Here’s a bit of an addition to my post from Monday. I just couldn’t help myself. ┬áIf you are hosting Thanksgiving your checklist is likely a mile long and the last thing you need is another to-do, still, your guests will love these ideas. Easy to print off, they’re sure to make the holiday unique. […]

Naming Thankful Moments

Traditions bring a calmness and renewed spirit to my life. A few years ago I started a new tradition over Thanksgiving by asking our guests to write down something they were thankful for over the past year. The following year I placed their original thoughts underneath their dinner plate as well as a new card […]


Most people don’t think of Thanksgiving as a card-sending holiday. I do. No one is expecting anything in the mail besides junk mail and loads of holiday catalogues. So why not wish a friend a peaceful Thanksgiving, (especially if you know they are hosting a bus load of relatives and friends), or send a simple […]


In about two weeks it will be the 13th anniversary of the first, and last, time I failed to mark my wife’s birthday in a timely manner and with the proper fanfare, (any fanfare for that matter), such a day deserves. 13 years ago we’d been dating for a little more than a year and […]