Michelle Favin, the force behind our most recent line, Whys, spent her early years in the wilderness of Maryland, an environment which became a canvas for her voracious imaginations. “I would spend hours playing by myself in the backyard or in the woods close by, dreaming up magical creatures, characters and scenes. Then, inside, I would draw them for hours on end, giving them life, color and new stories.”

The combination of a natural landscape and a creative family who collaged, made illustrations and created personalized cards (yahoo!), was a natural momentum for stationery. “Ever since I can remember, it has just been second nature to make a card. As I became more self-aware, I realized that one of the greatest personal joys came from making a card for someone and knowing they would feel the love, care and compassion in the design.”

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These days, when Michelle is not making cards she is a teacher who believes in the importance of creativity and curiosity…hence, the origin of “Whys”.  “I believe that questions and remaining curious are critical to nurturing creativity and building the courage needed to share that creativity with the universe. Asking tons of ‘whys’ is what eventually leads to becoming truly wise. For me, starting a card and print company was something I was curious about and it forced me to build up my courage.”

Inspiration for Michelle is found through the women and men in her life, love, and the creativity and courage shown by her students. “And always, I am inspired by the moon, the way it humbles me, the way it is unashamedly, imperfectly beautiful, and the way it shows us the way our life waxes and wanes.”

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Michelle is a big believer in giving back to the community which inspires her. “I moved to LA about three years ago, and something about its vibrancy, its people and its expanse led me to believe that art has the power to inspire unique, radical and game-changing ways of thinking.” Which is why 15% of all proceeds are donated to the Inner-Cty Arts, a non-profit oasis of learning and creativity for youth in downtown LA. Sustainability is also of great importance to Michelle. She who works with a local FSC certified printer using recycled paper for all cardstock and envelopes as well as a biodegradable cellophane bag.

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In the end, the words and the craft are what matter the most to Michelle. “I think the best cards are little pieces of art with a heartfelt message inside, the kind that the receiver will never want to throw away.” My thoughts exactly, Michelle. Cheers to you!