Read Between the Lines

This past May while attending the National Stationery Show I made a connection with a fresh face, Ms. Melinda Jones from Dallas, TX. She had recently launched her own line, Read Between The Lines, and brought a unique energy to the show. Not only did her line instantly stand out but Melinda’s story grabbed me as well. As I am a handwriting gal, Melinda is a word gal. Her products use the words I often want to express to others in my life. She gets it.

I recently caught up with the Texas native and had a chance to learn more about the creation of  RBTL, what makes her tick, and the dream which became a reality. Enjoy the story through Melinda’s own inspirational words…


“A few years ago, at the promoting of my good and fearless friend, Jean, I started a little blog called Super Much Love. Writing for it engaged more honesty and fun than I could ever have imagined. The feedback I received from readers gave me the courage I needed to try my hand at something I’d always really, truly, widely dreamed about…creating a line of cards.

It was important to me that the card would speak to the feelings you have about events and the people involved, rather than focusing on the events themselves. That’s why our products don’t say ‘Happy Birthday!’ but rather ‘You’re The Best and the Mostest’ or ‘Heck Yes.’ The whole reason you’re pumped for someone’s life event is because it’s an occasion to celebrate what he or she means to you, and the amazing role they play in your life and in the world. That’s what the cake and candles are really about. Amazing.


I wanted to write words that moved people to braveness of the heart or a better day. I wanted to print them on paper so it would make you sigh with the yum of it all. The design had to be modern, warm, and gender neutral, so that even my brother, Morgan, (who writes the best dang letters), would feel comfortable using the line. Cards that serve men and women with equal amounts of thoughtfulness and quality. Laughter and friendship don’t really have a gender, after all. The good stuff is the good stuff.


My background is in advertising, marketing, real estate investment and one tech start-up. All were huge for me; they involved challenging work and were filled with talented people to learn from. In retrospect, each undertaking taught me that words have always been my favorite thing. What more fun, more memorable or more drop-jaw powerful than the right words whispered over you or into your life? Words are part of music, part of art, part of love. They do the heavy lifting yet are light as air. I dig ’em.


Our team has grown over the past year and each member puts in a lot of love into every little thing we do. I feel extremely, wildly blessed to be doing what I’m doing and as a member of this remarkable team. My ultimate hope is that our work brings joy and connection.”

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